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Motivational Pictures of a Woman Who Used To Weigh 485lbs But Reduced to 220 kgs

By Andrew Alpin, 11 December 2017


As per statistics of the National Institute of health, Obesity is among the biggest killers in the US where an estimated 300,000 people die every year from obesity. Take this additional data into account wherein 2014, 35% men and 40% women were obese in the US alone. Obesity is almost an epidemic worldwide because of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet choices. Losing weight is somehow the hardest thing for many struggling on a diet plan. Losing weight is by far the most popular and common New Year resolution for many people and mind you, it isn’t an easy task to do so. Many even give up half way not because they want to but because the results aren’t always positive or maybe too slow to observe physically. Lack of motivation is one of the biggest factors people give up on a weight loss goal.

1 The biggest inspiration for weight loss

This is why if you are struggling with your weight loss plans and really need some inspiration then you need to read the incredible story of this couple who in January 2016, made a resolution to lose weight. This couple’s resolution to lose weight has gone viral because of their magical transformation which you need to see to believe. 

biggest inspiration for weight loss

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2 How they looked before their weight loss journey

25-year-old Lexi Reed and her Husband Danny from Terri Haute, Indiana was a couple struggling with obesity. While Lexi weighed a whopping 485 lbs, Danny 27 weighed 280 lbs, well! He was certainly lighter compared to her but between them, that was a combined 765lbs in weight. They certainly needed to lose a lot of flab and lose they did but how. That’s the interesting part.

Believe it or not, if you thought weight loss for obese people was impossible, then it’s not!! This couple went on to lose 400 lbs. Impressive isn’t it? This is how they looked before their incredible journey. 

Lexi Reed and Danny weight loss journey

Image Source: www.journalpost.com

3 Lexi on her wedding day


This photograph of Lexi was taken in October 2015 on her wedding day. In an interview, Lexi revealed that taking this journey of losing weight was a combined decision as a couple where they pushed each other to go and work out at the gym every day. They even prepped their meals together and set goals taking it one day at a time losing pounds slowly. They inspired each other and felt they were reaching their goal.

The couple also revealed how “fed up with the life [they] were living.” 

Lexi on her wedding day

Image Source: www.flytothesky.ru


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