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Take This Unique Color Test to Reveal Your Actual Mental Age

By Andrew Alpin, 28 June 2018


Taking tests online are loads of fun. Not only do they give you some insight on your personality and character, they also test your intellect and skills of observation. While everyone is unique in their own special way, such tests are generalized opinions of a larger section and perception of thought. Just like astrology columns in magazines, such tests too put you in a category based upon your scores which are actually a level of your keen powers of observation. This test below is based on how well you perceive certain colors and which colors appeal to you most. Your answers determine your mental age. Your chronological age determines how many years you’ve been alive. Your biological age denotes the condition of your body. Your mental age refers to how old your brain feels.

A low score doesn’t mean that you possess poor intelligence; it denotes the way you view the world as a wise old owl or a young teen brimming with energy and amazement. Take the test and find out your score at the end.

1Choose the Brightest Sunset

Take a look at the different sunsets in the picture above. Look carefully before you make a choice. Which natural sunset looks and appears brightest to you? Once you have chosen what sunset appears brightest, check your answers below and keep a tally of the points on a sheet of paper.

Choose the Brightest Sunset

A-10. B-30. C-40. D-20

2Choose a Shade

Take a look at the shades of blue in the picture. Now blue is a color favored by many but not all shades of blue appeal to everyone. Look at the different shades carefully and then choose what shade of blue appeals to you the most. Add your points below.

Choose a Shade

A-30. B-20. C-40. D-10

3Choose Brightest Color


Now, this looks like the pattern of a fabric curtain but within the picture are several shades. Look at it carefully and then make a choice. Which of these color shades do you think are the brightest to your eye? Look carefully before making a choice. Your points are below.

Choose Brightest Color

A-yellow -10. B-blue-20. C-red-30. D-green-40

4Choose The Water Color That Speaks To You The Most

Watercolors are different from oil colors. They are more mellowed in appearance and can be as attractive as oil colors or pastel shades. Take a look at these four splashes of watercolors and decide which speaks to you the most or rather which color do you identify with the most. The points are below:

Choose The Water Color

A-40. B-30. C-20. D-10

5Choose a Color Explosion

The way we choose colors speaks a lot about our personalities. Are you a blue type of person or a vibrant bubbly yellow? Do you prefer the calming sensation of green or the energy of red. Make your choice from these colors and then jot down your points.

Choose a Color Explosion

A-20. B-30. C-10. D-40.


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