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Take This Unique Color Test to Reveal Your Actual Mental Age

By Andrew Alpin, 28 June 2018


6Choose the Color That Attracts You the Most

Here is another set of colors based on an orange shade. Some are dark and some are bright orange. Look at them carefully and choose which shade are you attracted to the most. Once you make a decision, jot down your points below.

Choose the Color That Attracts

A-10. B-40. C-20. D-30

7Choose the Brightest Color

Here is a color splash that contains all four primary colors being red blue green and yellow. Look at the picture carefully and then decide which color comes off as the brightest to you. It could be red or yellow, make a choice. Note down the scores below.

Choose the Brightest Color

A-yellow-10. B-blue-20. C-red-30. D-green-40

8Choose Your Favorite Fruit


We all love fruits and the fruits depicted here are a big favorite with many and obviously, this choice will be difficult but think carefully which you would prefer eating the most. Is it strawberries, blueberries, a green apple or an orange? Note down the points below.

Choose Your Favorite Fruit

A-30. B-40. C-20. D-10

9Choose A Shade of Pink

Pink is a beautiful color and many especially women love all shades of pink. However, different shades of pink appeal to different people and which would you think is your shade of pink that appeals to you the most. Jot down your points below. This is the last image. Once you are done, total your points to get a single score.

Choose A Shade of Pink

A-30. B-40. C-20. D-10

10What Your Result Mean

If you scored 320-360


If you have scored between 320-360, it means you most probably behave like a 14-year-old teenager. Now, this isn’t a bad thing because it also means you have an unbiased and innocent perception of things. You see the world as a trusting young person ready to enjoy every new experience of life.

What Your Result Mean


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