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Cool and Cheap Step-Wise Ideas For Making Your Own Private Swimming Pool At Home

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 12 June 2018


What can be more satisfying than taking a dive in a swimming pool in the summer season? But the experience of visiting a public swimming pool can be unpleasant at times due to the crowd over there. The women of the house may also feel a little uncomfortable over there and the kids may not get to enjoy the way they want, as it is crowded which makes it unhygienic as well.

Having a personal swimming pool can be a costly affair but there are also some cheaper and better options to make a personal swimming pool and that too, in the backyard of your house.

1Need for a personal swimming pool

The need for a personal swimming pool was always there, it was just that you didn’t want to recognize it as the public pool was serving your purpose. However, now the crowd has increased a lot and only a limited amount of time is given to everyone to enjoy. If you are feeling dissatisfied despite paying good amount for visiting the public swimming pool, we recommend you to at least give a thought about private swimming pool.

Need for a personal swimming pool

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2Examine your backyard

The backyard of your house is the best location where you can have your personal swimming pool. Examine the backyard and see whether it is spacious enough for constructing a swimming pool there. Also make sure that there are no underground tanks in your backyard otherwise they can pose problems for your project.

Examine your backyard

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Now as you have made up mind to construct a swimming pool in your backyard, let us tell you how to make a DIY (do-it-yourself) and cost-effective swimming pool:

3Go for a simple design


Try to choose a simple design for your pool because more creative and artistic you get, more costly it will make the construction of your pool. There is no doubt that shallows, water features and natural stone walls may result in swimming pool look beautiful but they will increase the cost considerably.

Go for a simple design

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4Keep the bottom flat

Keeping the bottom flat means what you need is just a simple and clean dig and one level foundation for the walls. This will not only make the construction simpler but also make it easy to clean the pool. Cleanliness should always be maintained as there are many diseases which spread due to dirty water.

Keep the bottom flat

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5Decide the shape

The shape which will be best for your pool is box shape as it will be pretty cost-effective. The liner manufacturer will box weld a liner in the swimming pool or you can also tank the product but make sure that the product that your tank doesn’t have phosphates otherwise your pool may have algae in future.

Decide the shape

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