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15 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walking That Might Surprise You

By Milos Kitanovic, 24 June 2018


Who would have thought that activity so simple as walking can do wonders for your overall health? Yeah, you heard it right. Because as far as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal is concerned, walking can do just that, no matter if we are talking about regulating your blood pressure, getting rid of any kind of chronic disease, or boosting the immune system in general.

With only these benefits in mind, we can pretty much agree that walking really is a "wonder drug" as it is called by doctors and physicians alike. And while sometimes even the light strolls can help, the benefits of walking at a bit faster pace is what this article is really about. With that said, let's hop right in into 15 scientifically proven benefits of walking that might actually surprise you.

1Walking reduces your blood pressure


If you are having trouble with hypertension, then you should know that a study, conducted by the Korea Institute of Sports Science, showed that just 40 minutes of daily walking could reduce the blood pressure level significantly. On top of that, the study also proved that it's better to walk these 40 minutes all at once (in this case the blood pressure dropped 5 points) than to take four separate 10-minute walks (only a 3-point drop.)

This, of course, comes as no surprise, knowing that the more you walk, the faster your heart beats, pumping more blood as a result. Eventually, your heart will be able to pump more blood with less effort, which will ultimately result in lower blood pressure.

Walking reduces your blood pressure

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2Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer


A sedentary lifestyle is a number one ally of breast cancer. And on top of that, the researchers of the American Cancer Society have concluded that if you walk for a total of seven hours in a week than you'll reduce the chances to get breast cancer after menopause by 14%. And if you by any chance, decide to walk at a faster pace, then you are 25% less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer

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3It prevents type 2 diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is, without a doubt, one of the most common diseases out there, and its exponential growth is mostly caused by a sedentary lifestyle. That's why the study was conducted in 2012, that showed that walking 3,000-7,500 steps a day could help you a great deal when it comes to treating as well as preventing type 2 diabetes.

It prevents type 2 diabetes

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4Helps produce Vitamin D


Want to get Vitamin D that you so desperately need? Well, what better way to do just that than by walking in the morning. Don't get us started on the crucial benefits of this essential vitamin, because not only does it strengthen the bones, but it also prevents cancer. So we can't think of a better way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D than taking a 15-30 minutes walks when the sun is still out.

Helps produce Vitamin D

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5Walking will get your creative juices flowing


If you are like most people than you probably feel stuck at work every once in a while. So much so that no matter what you do you can't seem to find a solution to that particular problem or come up with some new ideas if you are into creative work. Don't you worry, though, because all you got to do, at least according to Stanford University researchers, is to take a simple walk, which will improve both convergent and divergent thinking which will in turn instantly increase your creativity. And if you are still having a hard time believing there is a connection between walking and creativity you should know that both Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held meetings with their associates outside while taking a walk. And that's got to count for something.

Walking will get your creative juices flowing

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