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15 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Walking That Might Surprise You

By Milos Kitanovic, 24 June 2018


11Walking improves circulation

It's of high importance that our brain receives the required amounts of oxygen so it can function at the high level. And not only does walking help your brain do just that, thus improving your intelligence, but it also reduces the risk of stroke and LDL cholesterol.

Walking improves circulation

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12Walking strengthens your bones

Walking is good for your bones because it prevents loss of bone density, which in turn reduces the risk of fracture or osteoporosis for that matter. And since our bones tend to get weaker as we age, it's of high importance that you include walking in your daily routine as soon as possible. Better late than never, huh?

Walking strengthens your bones

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13Walking reduces stress


Are you feeling stressed out lately? Why don't you start walking daily? Because not only does this activity provide all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells, as we already stated above, but it also decreases the production of the stress hormones.

Walking reduces stress

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14Your skin will glow

This might surprise you, but walking can actually make your skin glow, and you'll look younger, as a result. The reason for this lies in the production of collagen, the protein, released while walking, that is in charge of keeping your skin smooth and elastic.

Your skin will glow

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15 You'll be happier

If the benefits mentioned above are not good enough for you to start walking, then you should consider doing it simply because it will instantly make you happy by releasing so-called happy chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.


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