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17 Awesome Pictures That Prove Photography Is a Big Lie

By Vishnu Sharma, 21 December 2017


Whenever we go through the Instagram and Facebook feeds of professional photographers, we are either left in shock or are surprised by the sheer beauty of the shots that come in front of our eyes. Those larger than life romantic poses, the prettily perked up baby bumps of pregnant women and the ‘oh so cute’ pictures of little babies always make us go weak in the knees. Now before we go on talking about how amazing the shots of professional photographers look like, we would actually like to share with you the work of a professional who has now revealed the REALITY of those picture-perfect frames.

Brazilian family and wedding photographer Gilmar Silva has come out with a series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos showing us what exactly goes on in the professional shoots. The project has been named LUGARxPHOTO, meaning PLACExPHOTO, and it is through this project that the 25-year-old photographer has revealed some of the tricks of his trade. Take a look at this series and be ready to change your perceptions:

1Blending the right amount of blue color


The place where this photograph was snapped was certainly not like how it came out, but it is the talent of the photographer through which he made the output look so amazing. Be it the angle or the editing, everything was done perfectly!

Blending the right amount of blue color

Image Source: www.karnaval.com

2Pretty in the pink shade


Now we know how the environment became so pinkish around this pretty girl. It may be a trick, but when the idea did the trick, who cares?

Pretty in the pink shade

Image Source: www.micccp.com

3Adorable setting


This way the photographer made sure that neither the dog nor the child felt uncomfortable. And we thought the bond between these two was so.

Adorable setting

Image Source: www.delphi.lv

4The magic of editing


This photograph looked like it must have been clicked just at the right time before the biker landed back on the ground. But actually, there were no such stunts and it was only the editing that made all the difference.

The magic of editing

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


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