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15 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

By Raveena Ashodia, 18 June 2018


Danger doesn’t come to us after giving a notice, it occurs unexpectedly. Sometimes we encounter some critical situations when we can’t wait for an ambulance and an immediate treatment is required. Have you ever thought what will you do if someone near you suddenly starts chocking or if someone gets an electric shock? We cannot be sure about the time when these uncertainties can occur or when there will be a need to use a first-aid trick but by knowing immediate first- aid tricks we can surely save someone’s or our lives in these kind of situations. So it is important to learn these tricks for being sure of facing any critical situation in future. Here is a list of helpful instructions that will help you to save the lives.

1Indirect Heart Massage

It is compulsory to give an indirect heart massage if the affected person is not responding or there is no sign of pulse. In this situation call an ambulance first and to keep the person alive perform indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. It will help in supplying the necessary oxygen needed.

Without bending your elbows place both of your palms crosswise on the lower third part of the chest of the affected person. Start pushing your palms against the chest, one push per minute.

Indirect Heart Massage

Image Source: en.intoxication-stop.com

Artificial respiration should be given along with indirect heart massage. For this;

Pinch the nose of the person and blow air into his mouth. The ratio between inhales and pushes should be 5:1 if it is done by two people and 15:2 if the resuscitation is being performed by a single person.


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When someone starts choking, it is assumed that tapping on the back is the best solution to treat choking. But there is another method which is much beneficial and effective from this. If the choking doesn’t go away with tapping then stand behind the choking person and wrap your hands around his waist. Place your thumbs lower to his chest but above the belly button. With an ascending upshot, press their belly steadily and instantly. Repeat this process until the person got rid of problem.


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People assume that the pain of the burn can be reduced with the help of creams but this is the worst method to treat a burn according to doctors. If you get burned then the first thing you have to do is instantly cool down the affected area with cold water. Don’t try to open blisters if you see them but if a blister gets damaged don’t use water. Cover the burn with a sterile bandage and consult a doctor. It is advised to keep special foam for burns at home which you’ll easily find at any medical store. It not only reduces the pain but also helps in the restoration of burned skin.

Water for Burns

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4Cuts and Venous bleeding

If it’s a venous bleeding then the blood will be thick having a dark red color that will flow without oscillation. You can cover the cut with a pressure bandage in case of minor damage, but if the damage is serious, first cover the cut by applying a bandage and then call an ambulance.

Cuts and Venous bleeding

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In case of bruises, cooling the effective area will be enough. Cover the area with bruises with an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes. In case the affected part starts swelling then cover it with an elastic bandage and run to an emergency room as soon as possible.


Image Source: www.findhomeremedy.com


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