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7 Things You Really Need To Know About Climate Change

By Andrew Alpin, 5 April 2017


3 Congratulations!!! Its official, we are the main cause of global warming

9 out of 10 climate scientists agree that man made carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming. When Swedish physicist Svante Arrhenius predicted in 1896 that carbon dioxide from burning coal would warm the planet, he felt it was a good thing. Well?? It didn’t turn out as he expected now did it? Man has known about greenhouse gases from the 1800, yet we sit back and burn and burn just to make our comfy lifestyles cozier. Global warming is dangerous.

cause of global warming

Image Source: www.skepticalscience.com

4 Ice and glaciers are melting

Glaciers worldwide are reducing in size, one of the most dreaded facts of climate change. Arctic sea ice is shrinking and by 2100, sea levels will rise by 3 feet or more. But who cares!! Last September Arctic ice was found to be 825, 000 sq miles smaller than the long term average. Both, Alaska and California would fit in a size that big, that’s how much is shrinking. Sunlight is steadily being absorbed by the ocean instead of ice cover reflecting it into space. Yes!! That’s what the arctic ice does for you, it throws back the heat.

It’s not sea ice that causes a rise in sea levels, its melting land ice mainly due to the reduction of mountain glaciers. Since 1900, sea levels have risen 9 inches causing coastal flooding. Remember Superstorm Sandy??? Flooding and wind caused $ 68 billion in damage on the US east coast. The entire ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland hold enough ice to raise sea levels by 200 feet.

Ice and glaciers are melting

Image Source: www.clisap.de


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