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7 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough For Effective Weight Loss

By Andrew Alpin, 21 May 2017


6You feel too lazy to workout

When the thought of working out makes you feel lazy, it means your body has become so lethargic that you just don’t feel like any physical activity at all. You have no energy because there is nothing to provide it in your body. This makes you tired and this is the first step to poor health resulting in further problems.

You feel too lazy to workout

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7You’re always irritable

Did you know that the reason you’re so angry is because you’re hungry. When you restrict your calories, the pent up physiological frustration at not getting nourishment converts into mental anger and mood swings. Research has found that self control displayed when trying to starve oneself is associated with angriness. Remember you are trying to lose weight not your temper and mood.

always irritable

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8Your meals are not satisfying


You can’t expect a tiny measly salad to satiate your hunger and provide nourishment to your body. You can eat more and still lose weight by focusing on quality food. Lean meat protein, healthy fats and grains will load up the good stuff n your body without loading on weight. Plus you won’t get the urge to have a desert after your meals. Young says that controlling your food portions doesn’t mean eating tiny amounts of food. You need to eat more to lose weight but eat a good amount of healthy food and less unhealthy stuff. Check out this amazing article : This Japanese Fat Burning Technique Is the Quickest Way to Burn Belly Fat.

Eating burger in night

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