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15 Unusual and Mesmerizing Photographs That Will Make You Look Twice

By Andrew Alpin, 9 May 2017


Photography is such that photos taken aesthetically and from different angles make images seem to appear as different objects other than what they are. Illusions can be seen in real life images’ such as these which will simply freak you out because of the sheer clarity and illusionary effect. Somewhat bewildering, Check out these 12 images that make you look twice to realize what they truly are.

1 Desert curves


The curves of these sand dunes captured in black and white give the illusionary effect of a woman’s anatomy instead.

Desert curves

Image Source: www.brightside.me

2 Woman on a fence


Is she really sitting on the railing of a creek bridge or is it trick photography. The actual title of the picture is Island ‘Perspective’.

Woman on a fence

Image Source: www.dgnews.vn

3 Timberwall


Photographer Florian Schaller’s timberwall is truly a stunning photograph.


Image Source: www.quoracdn.net

4 Racoon Photo


Taken by a raccoon enthusiast John Fowler on flick, this is an illusion created by the reflection of objects in water. The animals are standing on the edge of the pond and the small rock isn’t in the air, it’s on water.

Racoon Photo

Image Source: www.brightside.me

5 The equilibrist


An equilibrist cyclist riding alongside bus cables


Image Source: www.mdig.com.br

6 House on fire


This isn’t literally a house on fire but a photograph of the pattern of dwellings in bear’s ears national monument.

House on fire

Image Source: www.funtime.ge


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