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15 Facts About Cats That You Never Knew

By Andrew Alpin, 8 April 2022


You’ll never be bored if you have a cat as a pet. Just watching them pounce, stalk, and purr is enough to keep you entertained. A few things that the internet is obsessed with include your feline friends and a never-ending supply of interesting facts about cats. So, why not combine the two?

Figgy and Juliet are the stars of Figgy The Feline, a TikTok account devoted solely to their antics. More than 233.1K people are learning about them and their mysterious logic thanks to their educational videos. Watching them, you can learn a lot about the nature of cats.

Rachel Wolfe created Figgy and Juliet’s TikTok account


Rachel Wolfe is the creator behind Figgy and Juliet and the creator of their TikTok account. People always want to learn about their beloved pets, and she was more than happy to share their stories online. She said- “We joined TikTok in the early days of the pandemic to pass the time.”


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She just opened the account for fun


Rachel had no idea what she was doing when she started the account, which now has more than 5 million likes. She explains- “I was under the assumption that the app was mostly dancing and lip-syncing videos, and thought that a cat being on the app was a completely novel idea.”

Rachel says that Figgy frequently stands on the back feet of his feet while playing, and she had initially intended to use these clips on his page to make it appear as if he was dancing. But she soon learned about ‘Cat TiKTok’ and that it was one of the platform’s largest niche groups.

She just opened the account for fun

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Mr. Fig or Figgy was a kitten abandoned in the rain while Juliet was adopted


Rachel was excited to share more details about her beloved pets. First up was Mr. Fig, and here’s what she said- “Figgy (aka The Figster, Mr. Fig, and Figs) is an almost-5-year-old domestic shorthair—although his cat DNA test results show he is most genetically similar to the Maine Coon.” A few days after graduating from college, Rachel found him “as a teeny tiny kitten stranded in the rain. He has been living the spoiled cat life ever since.”

“His eyes add so much emotion to his face and he seems to always have the perfect expression in any scenario,He often looks cranky and a bit intimidating, but he is such a sweet cat and loves to make friends with everyone he meets”- she continued.

Rachel’s second cat, Juliet, was adopted exactly four years ago. “She is about the same age as Figgy and is tiny, tailless, and extra floofy. Figgy has grown to love her very much, although he would never admit it if he could talk,” she jokingly added.

Mr. Fig or Figgy was a kitten abandoned in the rain while Juliet was adopted

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1 A cat’s meow has been uniquely developed to sound more adorable


Cats have developed a unique meow so that they can get what they want from humans. Cats purring and meowing make the “irresistible” sound making it impossible to ignore. Moreover, it has the same frequency as that of a crying baby.


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2 Cats walk in a distinct way


Cats have a distinct way of walking if you haven’t noticed already. Their right foot always moves first, followed by their left. Camels and giraffes are the only other mammals that use this unique walking style.

Cats walk in a distinct way

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