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12 Undeniable Signs of Real Intelligence

By Andrew Alpin, 26 December 2022


Some traits or skills that people think are useless or bad can actually show that a person has a lot going on in their brain. Scientists think so, at least. But what do these traits and skills look like? How do they improve you? After looking into the matter, experts have discovered that certain traits are actually signs of real intelligence. Here is a list of a few things experts say are signs of being very smart.

1 You like to stay up late


If you like to stay up late, it’s more likely that you’re smarter than average. Scientists think this is because the brain is so busy that it throws off the body’s normal daily rhythms. Personality and Individual Differences magazine did a study with thousands of young people to see if there was a link between a child’s intelligence and how they slept. It was found that most intelligent people like to wake up later, both during the week and on weekends. A different study looked at 400 recruits to the US Air Force and came to the same conclusions.

You like to stay up late

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2 You use your left hand or are ambidextrous


A reporter for The New Yorker named Maria Konnikova wrote about an experiment that was done with a group of people who were both left-handed and right-handed:

“Left-handed people were more adept, for instance, at combining 2 common objects in novel ways to form a third—for example, using a pole and a tin can to make a birdhouse. They also excelled at grouping lists of words into as many alternate categories as possible.”

Scientists have found a link between being left-handed and “divergent thinking,” a type of creativity that helps people come up with new ideas. The same is true of ambidextrous people who can use both hands equally well. So, if you’re right-handed, try doing some things with your left hand and vice versa. These things get parts of the brain that aren’t used much to work.

You use your left hand or are ambidextrous

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3 You’re always curious and inquisitive about stuff


Scientists at the London University of Psychology say, “It’s more likely that a curious child, as opposed to one who simply learns by heart, will become an innovator during his lifetime.”

Harvard Business Review professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic states how a “hungry mind” and a desire to learn can make you smarter. He says, “Curiosity makes a child more interested in science and art as a means of cognition and self-expression.”

In a British study, researchers looked at 6,000 people born in the last 50 years. They found that 11-year-olds who did better on an IQ test seemed more interested and curious to try new things.

You’re always curious and inquisitive about stuff

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4 You’re easily impressionable or distracted


Suppose you often get sidetracked by things like social network notifications, tea breaks, or even people talking to you. In that case, you might be more intelligent than most people. At least, that’s what scientists say. A new study says that the smarter a person is, the harder it is for them to pay attention. Scientists say this is because it’s hard to control high levels of brain activity.

You’re easily impressionable or distracted

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