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This Is How Young People Looked Like 100 Years Ago

By Vishnu Sharma, 22 November 2017


Getting a glimpse of the historical times has always fascinated people and much of that interest makes us want to know more about the people that walked on the land decades ago. The features of people of various countries don’t really change drastically over the years, but a lot of other factors make the appearance of people change with changing times. Today, we are going to take you to a trip down the decades and show you how the young people of the previous century looked like.


These are some of the images which were often used on the postcards. The image on the left dates back to 1908, while the right one was published on a postcard in 1911 with the caption, “Jeunes Femmes de Bou-Saâda.”


Image Source: www.wikimedia.org/ www.pinimg.com


The image on the left is of two sisters named, Gertrude and Ursula Falke and it was taken in 1906. It was often believed that Ursula, the girl on the right was the most beautiful girl of Germany at that time. The girls were daughters of a famous German poet and author named, Gustav Falke.


Image Source: www.wimp.com

3Nepal and China


The lady here seen in traditional attire is from Nepal and this picture was clicked in 1905 to be published on a postcard. On the right side you are watching a group of Chinese girls in school uniforms of the 1920s.

Nepal and China

Image Source: www.interez.sk


The young beautiful girl seen here is from Kensington, London and her photograph was snapped while she was on her way to school. The children seen here merrily going together to the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London were clicked for this photograph in the 1920s. They were probably going for fishing according to some sources.

young people in england 100 years ago

Image Source: www.yukepo.com

5Scotland and Ireland

These young girls having a fun time on the beach were snapped at around 1900. The story behind the second photograph is quite remarkable as it is one of the first color photographs taken of Ireland. Two French women, Madeleine Mignon-Alba and Marguerite Mespoulet took many pictures in 1913 and this is one of those, having a young 14-year-old girl dressed in traditional clothes as the main subject.

Young people 100 years ago Scotland and Ireland

Image Source: www.epochtimes.fr


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