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Girl's Text to Wrong Number, Helped Saving 4 Year Old Boy With Cancer

By KK Angus, 12 May 2018


They say everything happens for a reason and the universe is connected in a way that takes care of each of its elements. The story of how young Kaizler was able to battle a deadly disease with the help of people around the world will reaffirm your faith in this theory. It all started with a random picture message to the wrong number and the person concerned didn’t have to text back but he did and now he has the strength to fight for his kid’s life.

A young student mistakenly sent her picture in a trial room to a father and though he was the wrong recipient he responded back with his children’s photos. The picture went viral and soon, one of his children who is suffering from cancer acquired lot of attention and has been able to raise an astounding amount of money for his treatment all because of social media.

1It all started with…


A young student named Sydney Uselton wanted some advice about what to choose while shopping. She wanted to text a picture of her in a dress, at a trial room to her friend Mandi Miller. But she accidentally sent it to a wrong number.

Sydney Uselton

Image Source: www.foxnews.com

2Who did she send it to?


Sydney sent the picture of her in a black formal dress to a man named Tony, who is a father of six children. Tony was quite amused to receive the message and he thought of doing something to cheer up the young stranger in spite of the wrong number debacle.

Tony with her boy

Image Source: www.unilad.co.uk

3What Tony did


He gathered his children and clicked their picture in which they were pointing their thumbs up which would send a message to Sydney that she looked great. Tony then sent the picture of the children to Sydney.

picture of the children to Sydney

Image Source: metro.co.uk

4What he said


Tony wrote that he believed the message was intended for someone else and in spite of being sent to the wrong number, it was meant for some closure. And since his wife was not home and his children were, he couldn’t resist a chance to light up young Sydney’s day. He also told Sydney she looked amazing and sent her the thumbs up picture.

Sydneys picture

Image Source: femina.ro

5It went viral


Tony also shared the wrong number story with pictures on his social media and it got a resounding success. People from all over the world applauded Tony’s gesture and unanimously agreed that it was very sweet of him to send a picture of his children in response.

Tony also shared the wrong number story

Image Source: www.millionairessaying.com


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