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Overweight Teen Winner of “The Biggest Loser” Ten Years Ago Shares Incredible Post And You Won’t Believe How He Looks Now

By Andrew Alpin, 10 December 2017


Hate them or love them, reality shows are here to stay and are among the biggest TRP generators in Television entertainment. Reality shows provide some pretty good entertainment and usually feature people willing to do just about anything for those precious moments of fame. However for, some Television reality shows can actually change their lives for the better as in the case of Sam Rouenn who you may have seen on the Australian “The biggest loser Australia” back in 2006. Today things are changed.

1The biggest loser 10 years ago and how he turned out

10 years ago, “The Biggest Loser” debuted on screens and hosted by the same woman who acts as Aunt Hilda in Sabrina the teenage witch, Caroline Rhea. This one with the pun in the title was an instant hit with viewers clocking almost a million every week. The Australian version started in 2006 and one contestant caught the eye of the nation and now ten years hence, he is again in the limelight and you won’t believe how he looks now. Sam Rouen has come a long way from the overweight boy to an incredible hunk. 

The biggest loser

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2Sam Rouen was the winner of the biggest loser Australia in 2008

Sam Rouen was the winner of the Biggest Loser way back in 2006. At the time he was just 19 and weighed 154.6 kg at the start of the show. He looked real chubby and was miserable about his bulky weight and wanted to do something about it. His determination and discipline of the show paid off and by the end 12 weeks which was the length of the programme, he had lost a whopping 71.7 kg. That was a fantastic feat on his part. This is Sam before the show. 

Sam Rouen winner of biggest loser

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3He lost 71 kg and after the show looked like this


‘The biggest Loser” was meant as a competition for obese contestants and involved a cash prize for the person who lost the most weight. Sam Rouen went on to win the show losing 71 kg. After the show, he looked like this. Sam Managed to lose 156 pounds and after 10 years he now shares his story. In a comparison photo which he shared, you can see how incredibly toned his boy looked at the end of the show of ‘The Biggest loser”. He took to Facebook to tell the world that today he is even better than before although it has taken him a lot of dedication to stay fit. He shared a photograph on the day he had won the contest. He was 19 at the time. 

The biggest Loser winner

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4Sam is now 29 and works as a firefighter

If you look at Sam now, he looks gorgeous. The twenty nine year old works as a firefighter and decided to share a reflection of his days on the biggest loser. He is certainly an inspiring man. He says he wasn’t really sure of sharing this post and that ten years have gone by but “What a time, he described, “'So much has happened, good, bad, everything between. Highest highs and lowest lows, All I know is I've got some amazing people in my corner and I'm unconditionally appreciative of that.' 

Sam rouen as firefighter

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