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Why Your Kid Needs Enough Sleep

By AK, 26 June 2020


Most parents around the world find it a nightmare to get their kids to bed. While getting them to sleep early has a lot of benefits. However, how do you go about it? There are many benefits when your kid gets enough sleep, and to succeed in school is one of them, and to avoid colds and fight obesity. When you have one kid, to ensure they get enough sleep may be as hard like when you have three. So, sleep training is important, and it should start early. Plus, ensure that it is a system that is non-negotiable. Also, to ensure they get enough sleep, have a sleep routine in place that will assist you and them, as many dangers are involved when you have a sleep-deprived kid. Below are the reasons all kids need enough sleep.

1It promotes growth


When kids have their daily dose of sound sleep, it promotes growth, as the growth hormone is produced during deep sleep. That’s why most mothers tend to wonder if their babies grew bigger overnight. Kids tend to spend half of their sleep time in this deep sleep phase, for it is considered essential for proper growth. Also, according to studies, kids that have deficient levels of the growth hormone. It is found that they sleep less deeply in comparison to how the average children sleep. Thus, sleep in children is very important to help them grow.

2It boosts learning


Babies look peaceful while they are sleeping, but their brains are busy the whole night. Also, when you see them twitch at night. It is not a condition or a concern that you should worry about. Since it is how their nervous system works. Besides, it is a way to test the connection between the muscles and the brain. No matter the age, sleeping promotes learning in the kids from the little ones to the school going. That’s why most schools are incorporating naps as part of the school routine. For when they nap, they retain a lot of information in comparison to when they stay awake as they forget everything.

It boosts learning

3It helps beat germs


Even after you have your children’s rooms tidy. The Serta icomfort mattress and beddings clean as well to help them sleep in a germ-free environment. Similarly, sleep will not only help them rest but help them fight germs too. For when your kids are asleep, the cytokines, which are proteins the body relies on to fight illness, infection, and stress are released to the body. Other than these proteins helping to fight illnesses, they also make them sleepy. Hence, when you have a cold or flu, for most kids or even adults, they feel exhausted. Although, through this compulsory rest, it helps your body to heal faster. So, when you sleep less, it impacts the number of cytokines present. Hence, the reason why you should ensure your kid gets enough sleep to be able to fight any germs that cause illnesses.

4It increases the kid’s attention span


Although nutrition and exercise help to increase a child’s attention span, sleep is as important as exercise and nutrition as it also helps to increase a child’s attention span. For instance, children that sleep less than 10 hours a night before they are three years old. Tend to have impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity by the time they are six years old. Notably, although these symptoms mirror like those of a child with ADHD, tired kids can be distracted and impulsive even when they do not have ADHD. When you have school going kids, add even half an hour of extra sleep at night to help manage their moods and impulses. In return, it will help them concentrate on their schoolwork better.

It increases the kid’s attention span

5It reduces the risk of injury


Do you sometimes wonder why your child is clumsier and impulsive? Possibly, they are not getting enough sleep. So, this can cause an increase in the risk of injury or accidents. It is common with school-going kids that are short sleepers. The type of accidents that they get are high risk and demand for medical attention. Yet, it is all caused by a lack of enough sleep. Therefore, your child must get enough sleep as per the hours recommended for their age. It will help to reduce the number of injuries they have in 12 months of that school year.

Kids playing in ground


6It affects weight


Kids that get little sleep, in most instances, become overweight. Therefore, it is better to figure out a technique that helps to soothe your child to sleep. Other than having them stay awake to feed. As kids that sleep well are less likely to be overweight, in return, they will feed well as they are well-rested. Hence, start sleep training your child at a young age, and you will have a healthy baby from the start. The sleep weight connection seems to snowball. For when a child has had enough to eat, the fat cells create the leptin hormone that signals the child to stop eating. So, a child that is sleep deprived, impacts this hormone and keeps eating. After some time, those kids that do not get enough sleep become obese. Plus, tired kids eat differently as they crave high carb and high-fat foods in comparison to those that are well-rested.

In conclusion, ensuring your child gets enough sleep is not a simple task, especially with parents that work long hours, a bedroom full of electronics, and with more elaborate after school activities. Nonetheless, there is a solution, and the above reasons should encourage various parents to assist their kids in getting enough sleep. Although they eat healthy foods and exercise regularly in their daily routine. If they do not get quality and quantity sleep, as most kids today are used to, it affects them in various ways. Thus, parents must make an effort to help their kids get enough sleep. This will help them to grow healthier and with fewer complications that are brought by not sleeping well.

It affects weight



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