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15 Pics That Prove Exactly Why Women Live Longer Than Men

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 12 May 2018


The fact that women live longer than men has nothing to do with science or health issues. Maybe it does, but we’re not getting into numbers and stats in this article. We’re going to focus on dangerous behavior that makes men more vulnerable for some reason.

You know what, “dangerous behavior” sounds too serious. So let’s use doing stupid things instead. Both men and women want to goof around, especially when there’s an opportunity to summon the child in us. However, goofing around has a different meaning for men and women.

And goofing around just for fun it’s not the only problem. Men can easily turn a regular job into a life-threatening situation. That’s simply how it is, and that is the reason (or at least one of the reasons) why women live longer than men.

1Common Sense is not really common

One of the dudes in the picture above came up with this brilliant idea, and the other one responded with; what can go wrong? The idea removes the need of a bigger leather, but what if something goes wrong?

Common Sense is not really common

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com


2To be Crushed

This is definitely not a smart way to move your furniture. We can bet that there was a more secure option available to move the couch. But of course, the safer option was probably more time consuming as well.

smart way to move your furniture

Image Source: fatare.com


3To be Cremated


Let’s just hope that they came up with this idea after drinking those beers from the table. Because it’s simply not possible for someone sober and normal to believe that this is a good idea. It works, we have no doubt about that. But what’s the point of enjoying a sunny day in the pool if you feel like you’re playing a game of Russian roulette?

Idea after drinking

Image Source: whyweprotest.net


4Is this clever or stupid?

We can’t really blame this guy, can we? He’s alone for God’s sake and he’s trying to do his best. It is an extreme solution for a simple task, but it seems like this guy is fully dedicated to his job.

Clever or stupid

Image Source: wqw.viraldiario.com


5Not clever at all

Using that thing with your hands can be exhausting. But when your hands start to hurt, all you have to do is take a break. Using your legs to run such a machine in that specific position has no happy ending. One little slip and this guy would drop tumbling over.

Not clever at all

Image Source: www.hellofresh.cn



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