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Do You Want To Know Why K Stands For A 1000? This Is The Real Reason Why!!

By Andrew Alpin, 22 December 2017


7K In Place of Thousand

Once the French had adopted the prefix, the K began to gain prominence where people would start using it verbally while referring it to a thousand. Thus instead of saying twenty thousand people began saying twenty K

The trend of using K verbally soon spilt over in official communication, labeling of prices, financial discussions etc till today the Letter K is very much regarded as a thousand. So instead of 1000, it’s easier to say 1 K. What one can safely conclude that while K has its main origins in the Greek alphabet, it is the French who advocated the change of Chilloi to Kilo. This means that the answer to the question why thousand is written as K is that it was developed by the French as a measurement of one thousand.

K In Place of Thousand

Image Source: greg.org

8K stands for other things too

The letter K has been adopted by many other elements of mathematics and science. Those knowing their basic school science will know that

  • K stands for potassium
  • K stands for Kelvin (unit of thermodynamic temperature)
  • K now means 1000 times
  • K stands for a strikeout in baseball
  • K stands for “its over” in morse code
  • K stands for boltzmann’s constant in physics.
  • If you have more suggestions about the letter K feel free to comment below

K stands for other things too

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