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You're Invited! What to Include on DIY Birthday Invitations

By AK, 27 July 2019


The birthday industry is out of control. Did you know that some parents are paying thousands for a birthday party?

Up until age 21, parents are shelling an out an average of $28,000 on birthday parties. That's over $1,300 a year! Each parent is seeking to one-up the next and then taking to social media for bragging rights.

Just because some parents are blowing their savings on birthday parties doesn’t mean you have to. One way to save money is by printing DIY birthday invitations.

Read on to learn what information to include on a birthday invitation so your child’s birthday is a success.


Perhaps the most important detail is the party’s location. The last thing you need is a few dozen texts asking where the party is.

Adding the party’s location helps avoid any potential for confusion. In the digital era, your guests can GPS the address and arrive without issue. DIY invitation tools like Adobe Spark Post have customized spots for the address.

2Date and Time

In terms of importance, date and time is right up there with the location. Forgetting the date and time on an invitation creates many headaches.

If you are having the party at a private venue, make sure to confirm these details. You don’t want your child missing out on fun because guests mistakenly arrive too early or late.


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3RSVP Details


No matter what type of party you are hosting, a headcount is critical. First off, you need to know how many people will attend to plan for food, drinks, and cake.

Also, any private venue is going to request a headcount before the party. In many cases, the party price is calculated by how many children show up. You will need to know this number to adequately budget for the party.

What is the best way to acquire a headcount? The invitation should include RSVP details.

Of course, a parent’s phone number needs to be on there. An RSVP date is necessary as well to help kick start the planning effort.

4Gift Ideas

Shopping for children is difficult. It seems like the majority of children have hundreds of toys and video games.

Make it easier on your guests by including some gift ideas on the invite. For starters, this will save you a bunch of pre-party calls. More importantly, your child has a better chance of receiving gifts that he or she likes.

Date and Time

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This might seem like low-hanging fruit, but many parents forget their child’s name. They may believe that the birthday boy or girl is obvious when handing out invites.

While this may be true for family and close friends, school is another story. Parents and children from school may forget who gave them the invite. They also may not know you well enough to figure it out.

6A Recap of DIY Birthday Invitations


With the price of birthday parties on the rise, it is time to get creative. One way to save money is with DIY invitations. Make sure to include important details like location and gift ideas.

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RSVP Details

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