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What happens during the PMS?

By Julia Silveira, 21 October 2017


5Intestine “issues”

As if it wasn’t enough all the pain and emotional rollercoaster, there is another issue that can be quite inconvenient. A lot of women experience diarrhoea during their period, and this happens because of the higher blood flow in the genital area. It is recommended that women avoid some types of food during their period so that they won’t have any type of unexpected “issue”.

Intestine issues

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Fatigue and tiredness are also sometimes associated with PMS and menstruation, but interestingly there is almost no evidence that the body actually uses more energy during this time.

So what’s going on? Are women just faking it? Of course not!

When we are not feeling well, we usually also don’t sleep well. So, what is believed is that all the other symptoms such as menstrual cramps, migraines and all the intestinal changes can have some kind of effect in the normal sleeping patterns, and the woman ends up not recharging the energies the way her body needs.

Also, body temperature changes affect the sleep cycle, and the oestrogen level changes that were mentioned before can change the body temperature. And, last but not least, all the craving for foods that are very caloric and rich in sugar affects the blood sugar levels, which also has an effect on the energy oscillations.

Hopefully, this article will make you understand better what happens to your body or to the body of the women around you, and next time it happens you will be less freaked out.


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