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Watch the Video That Explains Why You Can’t Travel Faster Than Light

By Andrew Alpin, 9 March 2017


3 The Einstein photon perspective

Einstein had a neat perspective. He said you u should imagine yourself as a photon created by a star far far away or to be precise 4 billion years away. It would take you 4 billion years to travel from the star to a human’s retina but from your perspective, in the very instant that you were created, you suddenly see yourself bouncing ff someone’s retina. That’s because time has no meaning for a photon. Birth and death all happens in an instant.

As soon as you accelerate towards light speed, time slows down. And, at the speed of light time stops. Thus theoretically for the universe you are traveling 4 billion light years but for you as a photon, that seems like a second. This is why we can’t travel faster than light. It would be like halting a car and going slower than the condition of the still car. You can’t stop time any less than it has already stopped when traveling at light speed. Light speed is infinite speed. As a photon you could travel at the speed of light to a distance in zero seconds but to an observer that is translated as billions of years. Watch the video for a simpler explanation.

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