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Watch The Heartwarming Video Of Richmond Firemen Who Shaved Their Heads For An Amazing Reason

By Andrew Alpin, 5 April 2017


In times of strife, emotional upheaval and depression, no one can lend a larger shoulder to cry on than a friend. That is why it is said that a friend is a gift from God. Friends can bond with you from the most unexpected places were your workplace colleagues are sure to become the best friends. These firemen shaved their heads in a unique show of solidarity with one of their teammates, find out why.

For men in uniform there is always the sharing of a special bond as Courtland Lambert found out. Lambert a firefighter at the Richmond fire department was going through a hard time as his 3 year old son Caleb was diagnosed with cancer.

1 A 3 year old son suffering from cancer

Courtland Lambert’s has a son who is just 3 years old. Little Caleb was diagnosed with cancer after complaining of stomach pain in February. When Courtland’s colleagues in the Richmond fire department heard about his predicament, they all came forward to help.

The department has since raised $ 50,000 to help fund Lambert for Caleb’s treatment of stage 3 neuroblastoma. "Me and my wife are extremely humbled," said Lambert, a resident of Mechanicsville, Virginia. "You don't ever think that your child is going to have to go through something like that. We've quickly realized how much a text or phone call can mean ... you feel so grateful from the outpouring of support from everybody."

Courtland Lambert’s family

Image Source: www.abcnews.com

2 A touching show of comradeship and solidarity

However, what was most touching wasn’t just the funding but a totally surprising and heartwarming gesture by all of Lamberts colleagues. The firemen shaved their heads in solidarity of the little boy who had also lost his hair undergoing chemo at the VCU medical center in Richmond.

It was one of the sweetest gestures ever to have been done by friends and the firemen at Richmond have shown that they indeed know the meaning of true friendship and solidarity. Check out the video below to learn more about the firefighters and their selfless efforts to show support.