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4 Vital Tips for Improving Senior Health and Wellbeing

By AK, 25 May 2020


When career or business and their associated challenges no longer play a role in your life, it can be difficult to stay busy and engaged. This can leave you feeling unmotivated, or worse. According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness, over 6.5 million seniors in the United States suffer from depression. Many more experience physical health issues.

These problems can make your days seem less enjoyable than they once were. But the last thing you should worry about during your golden years is not having a high quality of life. Fortunately, that can be achieved with the right habits. Consider the following four vital tips for improving senior health and well-being.

1Stay Social


The importance of having other people to talk to and spend time with cannot be overstated. It keeps loneliness at bay and staves off the feelings of isolation that can be detrimental to your well-being.

If you spend most of your time at home, consider using technology to get in touch with friends and family. You can message them on social media or host a video chat via Skype. From here, you can organize in-person meetings. Perhaps there's a local group that you can participate in an activity with, such as hiking, walking or bingo.

2Train Your Brain


Perhaps now more than ever, your brain can benefit from stimulation that helps it stay alert and avoid cognitive decline. Just about any activity that engages your mind will make a noticeable difference in due course. Here are some options:

  • Reading and Writing: Simply putting your thoughts on paper can vastly improve mental health, especially with regard to stress and anxiety. Reading is a great way to enrich your mind. Nobody is too old to learn.
  • Playing Music: On that note, learning an instrument is a good idea. It improves memory and soothes the soul.
  • Puzzles and Games: From jigsaws to board games or even videogames, these are fun ways to challenge the brain.
  • Crosswords: In addition to sudoku, word search, and adult coloring books, crosswords keep your mind sharp.

Delving into these kinds of activities for a few minutes or hours per day is key to maintaining and even improving your mental performance.

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3Keep Moving


Being able to get around is paramount to overall well-being. If you haven't participated in any high-energy physical activity in some time, starting with a few daily stretching exercises can help you get back on track. Taking regular walks is also a good idea, as it reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as improving emotional health.

Once you've gained a bit of confidence, you can move on to more advanced movement, such as that which focuses on key areas, be it strength, balance or mobility. Swimming is a possible option here. If you require assistance, consider buying a power wheelchair. This link will help with choosing the best model for your needs.

4Enjoy a Hobby


One of the best ways to stay active and engaged is to delve into a new hobby. In fact, your golden years are the perfect time to tick off some things on your bucket list.

Have you dreamed of starting a garden? Maybe you've always wanted to try painting. You could have a skill that you want to master. There's no shortage of organizations that can do with a helping hand, so volunteering might be on the agenda. In any case, chances are that your hobby is something that will keep you both physically and mentally active.

5Eat a Healthy Diet


It's tempting to eat less as we get older and our appetite diminishes, but your body needs the right nutrition now more than ever. Don't rely on junk food and microwave meals, even if you don't enjoy cooking or feel it's pointless cooking a meal for one. Try to eat a range of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

If you find it hard to cook a meal, see if there are any food delivery services in your area. One hot meal a day is important, especially when the weather is cold.

Invite a friend over once a week. Cooking for two is more fun and rewarding. Plus they might return the favor and cook for you the next time!

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6Keep Up with Doctor's Appointments


Don't neglect your health. It's vital that you keep healthcare appointments and take your medications as prescribed. Have regular checkups with dentists and other healthcare professionals. They'll be able to spot problems early, which will ensure you stay in good health for longer.


As a bonus tip, consider adopting a pet. There's nothing better than a companion who will always be there to give you endless unconditional love. If a dog is too much work, adopt an older cat who'll love nothing more than a warm lap to sleep on.


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