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Unusual Things Scientists Did With DNA for the First Time

By Farzana Patowari, 29 November 2017


7Use of DNA to hack computers


It seems ridiculous, but it's not actually. Scientists have done this. Scientists of the University of Washington succeeded in doing this. It is an incident of 2017. Scientists were trying something with genes, took malware and encoded it into synthetic DNA bases. They were so amazed to note that they beat digitalization with biology. They tried their luck in sequencing genetic databases. This step proved to be their boon. It is regarded as the highly valuable contribution in scientific and digital fields.

DNA to hack computers

Image Source: www.gohacking.com

8DNA in solving electricity issues


Electricity is something we can’t imagine our life without. It is not just important but also fundamental. There is a demonstration which puts DNA as a circuit. Yes, genes can also play a vital role in electricity. It Researchers cracked the issue by splitting anthraquinones into small stretches of DNA. They then adjusted the implantation and carried a special trait. They named this event called redox reactions. Everything was dependent on electrons only. They studied the chemical reactions inside cells and then took out a new concept.

 DNA in solving electricity issues

Image Source: www.dailytimes.com.pk

9 A measure to find humans


DNAs have also been checked in recognizing people. But this time, the investigation was done on the tree. The objective of the study was to get a new technique which can find ancient DNA without the bodies. For this purpose, many things were collected from different countries. There were approx 85 samples. The research work gave the conclusion that the hook can also identify similar DNA from the tangled genes.

So, it is not just essential but exciting as well to know about DNA. It is not only the constituent of our body. It is the contributor in other aspects as well. DNA is not confined to biology just it is part of social, psychological, political and mental issues well. Researchers are quite sure to make many inventions with the help of DNAs. If everything goes well and good then very soon many inventions will take place. They will affect the world positively. Many discoveries are yet to take place. Research scholars are doing continue research work. Fortunately soon the world is going to see the change. Vision with a mission leads to revolution.

measure to find humans

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