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Unusual Things Scientists Did With DNA for the First Time

By Farzana Patowari, 29 November 2017


4 DNA as a solution to tanning


You might worry about skin before leaving out in the sun. Tanning is the common issue which troubles a lot. It is world known that Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the Sun destroy DNA and sunbathing leads to cancer. Scientists gave a wonderful conclusion as a solution. They used salmon sperm in this regard. It behaves like a second skin. The sunscreen which is made up of salmon sperm absorbs UV damage to the great extent. The best thing about it is that the longer sunlight zaps it, the better it is assumed to work.

solution to tanning

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5DNA as a helping hand to music


When scientists failed to get the solution regarding information storage problem, they tried out with DNA. They were quite sure that something g will come out. And it worked. They experimented many times and concluded that DNAs could store music in them and that too covering 140 MB on a hard drive. Its specialty was that there was no chance of corrupted segment. They are constantly working on it, and one fine day it will be feasible that whole of Earth’s data can be stored in a single room.

DNA as a helping hand to music

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6DNA as a crime investigator


DNAs have been used in criminal investigations as well. They have contributed a lot in this regard as well. The crime branch is required to have genetic information stored in databases. It will be helpful in finding out culprit soon. Just a cross-check of genes, and if it matches, the result is clear. Currently, genes can get the physical experience only, but soon they will be able to get the person’s real hair color, eye, and skin shade. They will even ascertain their geographic ancestry. It is a great help to unidentified victims who get trapped in faulty incidents.

DNA as a crime investigator

Image Source: www.wisegeek.com


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