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Understanding the Benefits of Amino Supplements to Boost One's Amino Energy

By AK, 17 March 2020


Amino acid supplements are building blocks that are taking the public by storm today, thanks to its many benefits in boosting one's amino energy. These acids are spontaneous powerhouses that reform, rebuild, and refold in so many ways; that not even the brainiest of man can predict or replicate. Amino acids are practically the very building blocks of your lives.

Generally, the body utilises 21 types of amino acids; and 9 of these are considered essential amino acids. Meaning, these are the acids that the body cannot create. You have to consume them. You can find these essential acids in high-protein foods like beans, meats, and nuts. Spinach, asparagus, brussels sprouts, and other greens also have these.

But what exactly are the health benefits you can get from amino acid supplements?

1It helps burn your fats faster

Especially the BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), amino acids have long been proven to burn body fats quickly, most importantly, the belly fats. A study conducted by the College of Charleston demonstrated that those who consume BCAA supplements had achieved a 2.5% more fat reduction than those who prefer carbohydrate sports drink.

2You get better and leaner muscle growth

Leucine, a type of BCAA, improves and regulates protein synthesis critical in muscle growth and repair. The essential amino acids aid in rebuilding and repairing the body’s muscles that are broken down following an intense exercise.

3It prevents muscle damage


Amino acid supplements are specifically helpful for endurance athletes, or for those who regularly exercise in a fasted state. When your body is continuously exposed to too much working out, your body is at risk of breaking down the muscle fibres for fuel. Thus, it helps to take amino energy supplements at least 30-60 minutes before hitting the gym. That way, you can avoid damages because the supplement will help jumpstart muscle repairs via protein synthesis.

4You achieve better endurance

The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness published a study where researchers found a 17% decrease of fatigue notable from people taking amino acid supplements. According to the study, amino acid supplements contain transaminase activation to aid in enhancing lipid oxidation in athletes that lack glycogen.

5It helps lessen mental fatigue

When you indulge in physical exercises, the body’s metabolism of 5-HT and synthesis is generally increased. These components are often linked to fatigue and performance impairment. But when you include amino acid supplements in your diet, notice how your mental fatigue is significantly reduced and your cognitive performance after exercising is improved.

6Your muscle soreness is decreased


In any exercise, the muscle experiences what you call micro-muscle tears. These have to be rebuilt so your body can withstand impact on your next activity. The post-workout soreness you feel called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), is generally caused by the micro-muscle tears. Thus, taking amino acid supplements before you exercise is the key to decreasing your pain.

7Helps improve muscle recovery

A handful of studies conducted for people consuming BCAA amino acid supplements pre and post-workout concluded that these supplements significantly improve muscle recovery.

Amino acid supplements can help you significantly. Especially if you’re physically active and you are exposed to constant muscle tears, these supplements are designed to help you recover easily and quickly.


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