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The Most Unbelievable Cleaning Hacks That We Bet You Didn’t Know

By KK Angus, 30 April 2018


Cleaning is never enjoyable and yet you have to do it almost every day. From your floor to your bed, to your tables, the dusting and sweeping never stops. But it's not just about cleaning the surface, you have to be careful about keeping up the hygiene and clean everything from inside out. While nobody likes doing it and it takes up a whole day, what if we tell you about some incredible cleaning hacks which are the most effortless shortcuts?

You don't even need to have anything fancy or high-maintenance, just some regular cleaning with stuff you already have at home. This is especially useful for cleaning out the objects which you use the most but never think about maintaining them properly. Here are the cleverest cleaning hacks for your home.

1Here's how you should clean your mattress

Ever wonder about keeping your mattress clean? No, sweeping with a brush is never enough. The mattress is the trickiest daily object as it acquires quite a lot of bacterias. Especially since we sleep there and never clean it up well. The easiest way to keep a mattress clean involves a simple two-step process. You just need a vacuum cleaner and an alcohol spray.

Vacuum your mattress and get rid of the dust and dirt and then spray on it with the alcohol and water solution from a sprayer. The mixture should have one part alcohol and two-part water.

Here's how you should clean your mattress

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2Here's how your fridge can smell better

You don't need a cat to make good use of a kitty litter. You can use it to keep your fridge smelling fresh. Kitty litters especially silica litters absorb the smell. Your refrigerator probably smells funny most of the time as it stores all kinds of food. Even if everything in there is fresh the amalgamation of their smells often leads to something pungent. What you can do is put a kitty litter in your fridge which will not only absorb the unpleasant smell but will keep it smelling fresh.

Here's how your fridge can smell better

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3Do you know how to clean a blender?


Did you know that you can't wash your blender like every other utensil? For cleaning your blender, put in some water and a drop of detergent and turn the blender on.

Do you know how to clean a blender

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