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6 Most Ultra-Muscular animals in the world

By Afsana Khatoon, 21 September 2017


Animals can broadly be divided into vertebrates and invertebrates. They can be classified according to their shape and sizes, body structures, characteristics, species and sub-species. They can also be classified as groups using a hierarchical system. Their behavior or relationships based on the principle of evolution also help to classify them. Widely, the study of animals is called Zoology. There are many families in the animal kingdom that are distinguished according to their sizes and color. In this article we are going to discuss about the muscular strength and characteristics of some interesting animals.

1African Bush Elephants


African elephants are known to be the largest mammal walking on earth. A genetic study, in 2010, concluded that the African forest elephant and the bush elephant are two distinct species. The African bush elephant being the larger one than the forest elephant. The bush elephant is the heaviest being because of its muscles. Its trunk alone consists over 100,000 muscles and tendons, which has the strength to carry weight of about 19000 lbs which is over a hundred people weighed together.

The male African bush elephants weigh about 6 tons, and on an average are about 10.5 feet tall at the shoulders. The females are lesser in height than the males, weighing 3 tons and is about 8.5 feet tall at the shoulders. Half of the muscular strength of these elephants are in their trunk which is extremely flexible. It can expand, contract and enables the animal to move in different directions as it likes. It is so powerful and has such force that it can tear down a hundred trees and can defend themselves by blowing over almost anything that threaten their lives.

African Bush Elephants

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