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UCSF Bioartificial Kidney Project - All You Need To Know About the Latest Updates

By Andrew Alpin, 9 October 2017


In early April 2017, we brought you the amazing news of a bioartificial kidney being developed by UCSF researcher Dr. Shuvo Roy, Doctor William Fissel, and team. The implantable artificial kidney, just the size of a coffee cup filters out toxins from the blood and provides all of the functions of a healthy kidney. It also processes blood 24 hours a day. At the time of concept and engineering, it was in research stage. Much has happened since then where the project that hopes to see clinical trials by early 2018. Read on to be informed about the latest updates of the artificial kidney project.

1The bioartificial kidney: brief summary


The implantable bioartificial kidney is no bigger than a coffee cup. Once surgery establishes a connection, the device will start processing blood continuously 24 hours that eliminates the inconvenience of dialysis. No batteries or pumps are required; the device works with the body’s own blood pressure pushing blood through the device just like a natural kidney. This is what it will do:

  • Allows you to be fully mobile
  • Continuous treatment
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • No immunosuppressant drugs needed
  • Limited regular medication
  • Single surgery to establish connection with blood
  • Minimally invasive technique for repairs
  • Medicare Cost savings upto $15 billion a year

bioartificial kidney project

Image Source: www.ucsf.edu


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