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Surprising Toy That Prince William and Kate Have Forbidden For Their Kids

By Andrew Alpin, 11 September 2017


Parenting isn’t as easy as it was two decades ago. In this day and age of fast food, sophisticated toys and technology, it becomes extremely difficult to control a child hooked on such things. However, you will be surprise that there are celebrities who although can afford lavish things for their kids, prevent them instead from using certain things. Take Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton for instance. The Royal couple can teach us a thing or two on discipline and although they do give their kids George and Charlotte gifts, one thing is totally off limits at home. Yes!! The forbidden toy in Kensington Palace will surprise you.

1 This item is forbidden in the Palace

As told to US Magazine by an insider in the Royal household, William and Kate do their best in maintaining normalcy for their children amongst the fast paced lifestyle of being royalty. There is ample playtime with toys and fun with friends but certain electronic goods are forbidden and one of them is the iPad. iPads are completely forbidden in Kensington Palace. 

William and Kate with their kids

Image Source: www.purepeople.com

2 The reasons for doing so

The reason the royal couple have given for the forbidden toy in Kensington Palace is the fact that it leaves them more quality play time where they can interact with friends, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family, learn and become aware of the world around them. Not only does the Royal couple follow such a practice, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez also do not allow their kids to use iPads on Sundays. Kourtney Kardashian is also a disciplinarian when it involves her kids whose iPad time she limits and sets rules of usage. 

the royal family

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