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15 Signs To Help You Recognize A Toxic Relationship From The Very Beginning

By Andrew Alpin, 4 April 2018


Do you wait around at home brooding when your partner is going to text or call you. It could mean that you are emotionally dependent and which is commonly experienced by those who don’t appreciate themselves and suffer from moderate to harsh lack of self-esteem. This is also why the need for outside love becomes stronger which ultimately leads into the cycle of toxic relationships.

1How toxic relationships start


Those who are emotionally dependent tend to elevate their partners in the relationships putting them on pedestals to the point of the partner taking them for granted. It could also be the other way around where emotionally dependent people try to manipulate or control their partner or act out the victim where suffering gives them a weird sense of pleasure simply because they can speak out about it. Darlene Lancer, a psychotherapist narrates how there is a difference between true love and emotional dependence and here are 210 signs of unhealthy affection so that you don’t fall into a toxic relationship.

How toxic relationships start.

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2You think you have found the love of your life at the beginning


Some people are extremely amorous and lovable on the first date and even after it. They will feel that “This is the person I’ve been waiting for all my life, this is Mr. /Mrs. Right”. But this isn’t always the case. Wait to let the intensity of the first meeting cool off before making hasty decisions. See how you feel later on. If you feel you are now in a situation, distract yourself with other activities so that you won’t think about the person too much.

You think you have found the love of your life at the beginning.

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3You idealize your partner too much.


When you start a relationship, you need to listen rather than speak but you also need to listen carefully. If you find a person saying “I’m not the easiest person”. This could be an initial hint that they are revealing a bit about themselves and you are not aware of it. Don’t overlook even casual telltale signs of small hints.

You idealize your partner too much.

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4You need to reassure people


When you hear certain words of self-criticism, do not go into reassurance mode by saying “that’s nonsense, don’t worry about it” warning signs could also be hints that you aren’t right for that person and they don’t exactly want you around them. It could also be a subtle hint that they will enter into a relationship only on their terms. People in love compromise and don’t say such things which is a like it or lump it attitude. If you hear too many of these phrases, think carefully if you really want to be in such a relationship.

You need to reassure people

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