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If you want your child to study abroad and are looking for the world's best schools, then here is a list of the top 20 schools in the world.

1Westminster School, London

This school was established way back in the 12th century like many of its seminaries in England and is the last remaining school in England with its original structure. It is an All-Boys school with co-education in the last semester.

  • Culture-It's one of the most prestigious schools in England and had produced no less than 7 Prime Ministers for its country. More students than any other posh public grammar schools than Westminster got entry into Hallowed Grounds of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Curriculum- Government-owned syllabus
  • Tradition- Full Uniforms are mandatory
  • Fee-Day scholars 9,522 Pounds and boarders 12,580pounds
  • Seats- Around 750 but it's subject to change
  • Climate- Westminster has short summers and long and cold winters and mostly cloudy. Average temperature is 11 degrees.
  • Address- 17 Dean London SW1P 3PB United Kingdom
  • Website-17 Dean London SW1P 3PB United Kingdom
  • Phone-+44 (0)20 7821 5788
  • Email-communications@westminster.org.uk

Westminster School, London

Image Source: news.cgtn.com

2Eton College Windsor, England

Eton College Windsor is among the 20 best schools in the world. It is probably the most renowned and prestigious schools in the country or perhaps the world. Its reputation can only be surmised by stating that it has produced 19 prime ministers of England!

  • Culture- Initially it was meant for the nobility and the aristocratic boys of the kingdom but in the modern world it believed in meritocracy and the doors are open to students all across the world.
  • Curriuclum: GCSE divided into five blocks
  • Status- Government owned
  • Gender- All boys
  • Rules - Compulsory uniforms and strict hostel life
  • Fee- 33,270 pounds
  • Seats - Around 1,320
  • Climate- Climate in Berkshire is cold and temperate, with average temperature of 7.9 degrees.
  • Address- Eton Windsor Berkshire SL4 6DW United Kingdom
  • Website-http://www.etoncollege.com
  • Email- not disclosed
  • Phone-+44 1753 370100

Eton College Windsor, England

Image Source: www.etoncollege.com

3Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, Virginia USA


Named after the founding fathers of the nation it was but obvious this school would be considered the best of the lot in the country as well as the world.

  • Culture- this schools has a seriously good academic record and was voted the most meritorious school in America for 3 years in a row! Students passing out with good grades from this school are easily placed in Harvard, Yale and Columbia Universities.
  • Curriculum: Individual certification in chosen fields of study
  • Status - Public, selective owned and have to score SAT score above 1500
  • Gender- Co educational
  • Fee- National 7 days boarding is $ 47,050 Fee for international 7-day boarding is $49,050
  • Uniforms- non compulsory
  • Seats- 1,320
  • Climate- Virginia climate is humid and sub-tropical with pleasant summers and crisp winters. So, it's up to 32 degree in summers and in winters expect snow.
  • Address-6560 Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States
  • Website- https://tjhsst.fcps.edu/
  • Email- mgtecuci@fcps.edu
  • Phone- 703-750-8300.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, Virginia USA

Image Source: www.fcps.edu

4Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

It is a premiere Girls educational institution in New Zealand with almost 90 percent success rates in college admissions.

  • Culture- In Dio as it is popularly called is strictly academic superlatives. The teachers encourage strong international outlook.
  • Curriculum: NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement) years 3 to 13
  • Facilities- It teaches IB programmes and has a lot of success in placing students in New York University and Duke University of America. It also has the highest numbers of Robertson scholars.
  • Status - Private/Independent
  • Admission process- Interview on Application, Selective
  • Gender- All Girls
  • Uniforms - Compulsory
  • Seats- 1,394
  • Fee- $20,950NZD
  • Climate- this region enjoys warm, coastal climate without any weather extremities. Summers are warm and humid and winters are mild and damp. Average daily temp is 23 degrees.
  • Address- Clyde Street, Epsom, Auckland 1051, New Zealand
  • Website: https://www.diocesan.school.nz/
  • Email- office @diocesan.school.nz : Phone-+64 9-520 0221

Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

Image Source: 5pillarsuk.com

5Melbourne High School

Located in the pristine location of south Yarra, This school ranks third in the states for the VCE scores with almost 32% scoring 40 plus out of 50. This All boy's school also shines prime in vocational training test and education offering courses from the years 9-12.

  • Culture- This school has a tradition of producing dynamic smart boys who are sharp in mind as well as are great athletes as well.
  • Curriculum: VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)
  • Status -Government
  • Admission process - Fully Selective
  • Fee- Not Disclosed
  • Uniforms- Compulsory
  • Seats- 1,374
  • Climate- Melbourne has a mild oceanic climate, summers are usually very hot and has sudden change in weather like rain or thunderstorms etc, winters are moderately cold with temperature going down 2 degrees below zero and rainy.
  • Website: https://www.mhsviceduau.com/
  • Address-Forrest Hill, South Yarra, 3141, Victoria, Australia: Tel: +61 3 9826 0711

Melbourne High School

Image Source: theindiantelegraph.com.au


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