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10 Tips To Whiten Teeth Naturally - Home Remedies

By Vishnu Sharma, 30 March 2018


7 Holy Basil

Not only is Holy Basil very good at removing yellow plaque marks from your teeth but it also helps prevent advanced periodontal diseases such as pyorrhea. Leave a few holy basil leaves in the sun for several hours. Go out and check them periodically when they are dry this is when they are ready to be used. You then want to take the dried Holy Basil leaves and grind them in your blender until they are in powder form. Mix the Holy Basil powder with your regular toothpaste and start brushing away.

Holy Basil


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8 Apples

Apples are very powerful fruits and benefit our bodies in many ways. But did you know just chewing a crunchy apple once or twice a day is just as potent as brushing your teeth. The acidic juices from apples works diligently to remove yellow stain marks from your teeth. Still, brush your teeth but try doing this with eating one or two apples a day and see how gorgeous those teeth will look.

Eating Apples


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9 Charcoal


Other well-known teeth brightener Charcoal has potent crystal chemicals that do a great job at whitening teeth. Just mix a little bit of charcoal powder with your regular toothpaste and gently brush. Try doing this twice a day. If you don't have Charcoal you can also use burnt bread and rosemary as substitutes.

Use Charcoal to whiten teeth


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10 Margosa

Margosa or neem leaves are both effective against yellow teeth. In addition to these excellent features margosa due to its tough antiseptic properties is very effective in fighting other dental health issues such as bad breath and cavities. You can use margosa twigs instead of your regular toothbrush and start putting those powerful properties to work right away. In addition to this, you can also chew margosa branches to help fight yellow discoloration and prevent other dental health issues.



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