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6 Things to Consider as You Purchase Medical Insurance

By AK, 4 September 2020


Today many firms are selling medical insurance covers. However, it is not easy selecting one whether it is for yourself or family members. Other than the many plans that you have to choose and the intimidating jargon that adds confusion. Choosing a medical insurance policy is a tough choice. Still, aim to get the best for you and your elderly parents consider the Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 as you try to zero down on a plan that works for you. Here are 6 things to consider as you purchase medical insurance.

1Your doctor


Consider if you will have to use your doctor or there is a specific doctor that you have to go to with the medical insurance that you take. If you do not need the network of doctors that the health care plan offers and you have a physician who you prefer to keep seeing. Check to is if they are part of the health care plan you want to purchase. Alternatively, if you have to opt for a new doctor that is in the plan. Research the doctor’s credentials and read reviews online. Remember that their availability and location are factors to consider as you choose a doctor.

Your doctor

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2Emergency and hospital care


It is important to check what hospitals and emergency rooms are part of the plan you want to purchase. Importantly, check to see how that policy defines an emergency as it may be different from what you think. If it is not the same with what you would prefer, consider different medical insurance that favors you. For instance, check to see if you will have to contact your doctor before you get any emergency care or hospital care among other things.

Emergency and hospital care

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Different medical issues may require different specialists. So, if you have special medical conditions or you will need one in the future. Before you purchase medical insurance check to see if it supports you seeing a specialist and what the procedure is on the same. This is important as some medical insurance plans will need a referral if you need to see a specialist while others do not necessarily require one. Also, if you already have a specialist, consult to see if the plan will accept.


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4Additional services


As you compare different health plans, consider if there are additional services. Some of these additional services can come in handy to you. For instance, mental health care, drug prescription, alcohol rehabilitation, nursing home care, experimental treatments, chiropractic care, alternative treatments, among others. Note that, there are other policies like long term care insurance or critical illness that you may want to factor in as you evaluate your health insurance options. This is also known as supplemental health insurance.

Additional services

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Consider what deductibles you will have to pay before the health care policy pays. Also, what percent does the health care pay after a deductible, and also what is the percent if you have to use a doctor, specialist, or hospital that is out of the network? So, check to see if there are any copayments. In addition to this, know your limits as some health plans have lifetime limits on how best the health care plan will pay, and others have lifetime limits that are along with yearly limits.


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6Regular health and physical screenings


If you always take regular health and physical screenings. You need to consider what will be covered as part of the wellness plan. Optionally, you can check what is part of the preventative care, and if there are any limitations. Also, check if there are immunizations and well-baby checkups under the medical insurance cover that you want to take. As they will come in handy when you have children.

To sum up, the above considerations will help as you choose the medical insurance plan to purchase. However, other things that you can factor in is if there is an exclusion list. It may seem minor, but you need to know what is not part of the cover of the exclusion list to avoid any surprises later on. Also, if you are on prescription drugs, check what is the coverage as it varies from one plan to another.

Regular health and physical screenings

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