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15 Things That Happen To Your Brain And Body When You Laugh

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 24 June 2018


6Effect on whole body


Once a person’s giggle or chuckle gets transformed into a complete laughter, its effects can be seen on the entire body. Muscles of the whole body experience contraction once the chuckle gets spread through our respiratory process and during it, a tickle waves all through the body.

Effect on whole body

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There are some other effects of laughter on our body as well:

7Makes us strong, emotionally as well as physically


As we start laughing, endorphins hormones are released by our body; these hormones are responsible for making us feel positive and better. At the same time, they also make us emotionally stronger and decrease physical pain by interacting with the receptors in the brain and reducing the perception of pain.

Laughing makes you strong

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8Lowers blood pressure


Normally whenever a person is under stress, cortisol is produced by the adrenaline gland in more than required quantity which results in hypertension or high blood pressure. When a person laughs, secretion of cortisol and epinephrine is reduced. In the beginning, the blood pressure increases but later on the blood vessels expand, resulting in the decrease of blood pressure.

Lowers blood pressure

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9Relaxes the body and reduces stress


Laughter has an immediate effect on our body as it relaxes the complete body for a period of almost 45 minutes which also includes the muscles, jaws and those parts of the brain which are full of stress. So it can be easily said that laughter is one of the best ways to deal with stress.

Relaxes the body and reduces stress

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10Increases the oxygen intake


Yes, you breathe in more oxygen when you laugh and increased intake of oxygen helps in getting rid of many diseases. In fact, some cancer treatment centers use laughter therapy for treating their patients and the best part about it is that it has no side-effects like other medicines which patients have to consume.

Increases the oxygen intake

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