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4 Things You Need to Know About Wearing Face Masks

By AK, 8 June 2020


There is absolutely no doubt that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected every person in every corner of the world at this point, whether that be in a very minor way that involves basic changes in how they go about their routine, or in more serious and profound ways either dealing with the virus directly or watching a loved one fight it. The collective goal of the world right now is to do everything it can to slow the spread and buy time so that researchers and scientists can hopefully find a vaccine that treats or prevents the illness. But that takes time, and people need to deal with the situation right now.

One of the best ways people can prevent the spread and from catching it themselves is social distancing but that's not always possible, especially when at work, commuting by public transportation, flying, or out running simple errands such as grocery shopping. This is when a mask or face covering can come in handy. But what exactly does the mask do, and what do you need to know about wearing one? Let's dig in a little deeper.

1Why Wear a Mask?

The first question that people ask is why they should wear a mask in the first place. Ideally, you are able to distance and give yourself that six feet or more between other people but the fact is that it's not always possible. In those cases, you are exposing yourself and others to possible germ transmission. This is when a mask proves to be handy.

A mask or face covering, meaning a simple surgical style mask not the N95 mask with respirators, does a fairly good job of preventing an infected person from spreading the virus. It's not perfect by any means and cannot guarantee complete protection, but it certainly helps to drastically cut down a person’s ability to spread the virus.

2But I'm Not Sick, Why Should I Wear One?

That brings us to the next logical question, for those who aren’t sick there is a question of why they need to wear one at all. Unfortunately, the more doctors learn about COVID-19 the more sneaky the virus can be. There are plenty of people who are asymptomatic, meaning they show no symptoms of being sick, and there are those whose symptoms may be mild and they don't think to get tested.

In other words, you don't always know if you have it, therefore you could be spreading it without knowing.

3Does a Mask Protect Me?


People also get confused as to whether or not a basic surgical style mask or face covering will protect them from contracting the disease. Unfortunately, it won't do that, only the N95 is able to work in that scenario. The idea is that the more people that wear masks, the less chance you have of catching it since everyone is covering up.

4There are So Many Mask Options

Another thing to be aware of is the multiple options available when it comes to masks. Today you’ll find all kinds of manufacturers that are making washable, reusable masks so that you don't have to reach for a new one each time you leave the house. These masks are comfortable, can be found in different designs and colors, and will allow you to protect others around you.

5Masks are Becoming the Norm

So as people continue to learn just how helpful masks are in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 watch for them to become more popular, and more normal. The fact that masks are becoming so readily available just makes it easier to embrace.


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