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The Strange Story Of Egyptologist Dorothy Eady’s Miraculous Rebirth

By Andrew Alpin, 11 February


Dorothy Eady was an Egyptian archaeologist who was born in Britain. She was a well-known expert on the culture of Pharaonic Egypt. She was known for thinking that she was a reincarnated ancient Egyptian temple priestess. Dorothy Eady was extraordinary, even by the loose standards of British eccentricity.

14 Dorothy Eady was famous for her claims of being a reincarnated ancient Egyptian


Dorothy Eady played a big part in figuring out Egyptian history because of the great archaeological finds she made. But more than her work, what makes her famous is that she thinks she was an Egyptian priestess in a previous life. Many documentaries, articles, and biographies have been written and produced about her life and work. In fact, the New York Times said that her story was “one of the Western World’s most intriguing and convincing modern case in histories of reincarnation.”

Dorothy Eady has earned a lot of fame around the world for her miraculous claims. People who are interested in her extraordinary claims and works know her by different names: Om Seti, Omm Seti, Omm Sety, and Bulbul Abd el-Meguid.


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13 What led her to believe that she lived in ancient Egypt in her past life


Dorothy Louise Eady was born in Blackheath, East Greenwich, London, on January 16, 1904. She was Reuben Ernest Eady and Caroline Mary (Frost) Eady’s daughter. During the Edwardian era, her father was a master tailor, which put her family in the lower middle class.

Dorothy’s life changed a lot when she was three years old and fell down a flight of stairs. The family doctor said she was dead. When the doctor returned an hour later to get the body ready for the funeral home, he found little Dorothy playing in her bed. Soon after that, she started telling her parents about a dream she kept having about living in a huge building with lots of columns. The girl cried and said, “I want to go home!”

What led her to believe that she lived in ancient Egypt in her past life

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12 She felt at home at the Egyptian galleries in the British Museum


All of this was confusing to her until she was four years old and taken to the British Museum. When she and her parents went to the Egyptian galleries, the little girl tore herself away from her mother’s grip and ran wildly through the halls, kissing the feet of the ancient statues. The world of ancient Egypt was her “home.”

She felt at home at the Egyptian galleries in the British Museum

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11 Dorothy’s career in Egyptology


Dorothy did her best to learn as much as she could about ancient Egyptian civilization, even though she couldn’t afford to go to college. By going to the British Museum often, she was able to get famous Egyptologists like Sir E.A. Wallis Budge to teach her the basics of Egyptian hieroglyphs informally. Dorothy jumped at the chance to work in the office of an Egyptian magazine that was published in London.

Here, she quickly became a supporter of both modern Egyptian nationalism and the greatness of the Pharaonic era. At work, she met an Egyptian man named Imam Abd el-Meguid. She and Meguid got married in Egypt in 1933, 25 years after Dorothy had dreamed of “going home.” She changed her name to Bulbul Abd el-Meguid when she got to Cairo. She named her son Sety after the long-dead pharaoh when she had a boy.

Dorothy’s career in Egyptology

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10 Dorothy Eady claimed to be the reincarnated Omm Sety


But the marriage didn’t last long, at least partly because Dorothy acted more like she was living in ancient Egypt instead of the modern world. She told her husband and anyone else who would listen about her “life before life.” In 1300 BCE, a 14-year-old girl named Bentreshyt, who was the daughter of a vegetable seller and an ordinary soldier, was chosen to be an apprentice virgin priestess. The beautiful Bentreshyt caught the eye of Pharaoh Sety I, the father of Rameses II the Great. She became pregnant by him, and Rameses II the Great was born.

The story had a sad ending, too, because Bentreshyt committed suicide to save the pharaoh’s sovereignty in what would have been seen as an act of pollution with an off-limits temple priestess. Pharaoh Sety was so moved by what she did that it broke his heart. He promised never to forget her. Dorothy thought she was the young priestess Bentreshyt, so she started calling herself “Omm Sety,” which in Arabic means “Mother of Sety.”

Dorothy Eady claimed to be the reincarnated Omm Sety

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