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A Group Of Teens Destroyed 320 Million Year Old Landmark In England And The Way It Looks Now Infuriates Everyone

By Raveena Ashodia, 21 June 2018


The beauty of a country lies in its history and that history is protected no matter what. The younger generation are the assets of a country and it is their duty to protect that history and respect it in all circumstances. The sincerity of the younger generation was seriously questioned when a popular historical site in England was recently vandalized by a group of irresponsible teenagers without thinking of the repercussions of their deplorable act. They not only damaged the public property but also risked the life of other visitors.

Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, England are a prime example of the historical heritage of the city. These rocks have existed for ages and carved by wind, rain and ice from the last 320 million years. But years of history were destroyed in a few seconds earlier this month. Obviously, it was an act of fun for those teenagers who damaged the property completely and there is no hope for the site to be Repaired.

1The Brimham Rocks are a site of natural outstanding beauty in North Yorkshire, England

The Brimham rocks are balancing rocks on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire, England. They stand at a height of 30 feet in the area and are owned by a national trust. The area is a protected landmark in England having been around for 32 million years. It is a site of unequivocal beauty with magnificent views of the surrounding areas. There are many variations in the rocks and which have been identified as a site of special scientific interest since 1958.

Natural outstanding beauty of North Yorkshire, England- The Brimham Rocks

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2Formation of Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks are an amazing collection of natural rocks which have been standing tall for over 32 million years. These rock formations have been carved by the elements for millions of years to appear in unique shapes as they do now and that is what is admired by every tourist. Scattered over an area of 50 acres, these beautiful weird shaped rocks have carved by the wind, rain and ice for millions of years.

Formation of Brimham Rocks

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3Brimham Rocks is a huge tourist attraction


Because of their beautiful and unique shape, Brimham Rocks have became a very popular tourist attraction in North Yorkshire. This place has been visited by a number of tourists every year. The beauty of this area is outstanding and the view from this height is pleasing to the eyes. The wired shapes of these rocks have also been given names like The Eagle, Idol Rock, Sphinx, The Turtle, The Dancing Bear and The Camel. The national trust who owns the area have even set up a control a center for tourists to learn more about these beautiful rocks and how they were formed.

Brimham Rocks as the tourist attraction

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4Destruction of Brimham Rocks by a group of teens

Unfortunately, this natural beauty lost its charm after its destruction by a group of teens. Millions of years of history and beauty were destroyed in a few seconds by the hands of these vandals. It was a group of 5 teens who caused irreplaceable damage to this historical heritage. One cannot understand why anyone especially a youth would do such a thing. Their stupidity has lead to disaster.

Destruction of Brimham Rocks by a group of teens

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