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This Spectacular Swiss Village Is Offering Families Almost $70,000 To Live There

By Vishnu Sharma, 24 November 2017


If you have ever wished to live in a picturesque mountain town, breathe that freshly crisp air and feel the wonders of nature in your vicinity, then you’re in for a lucky deal. A stunning Swiss village is going to vote for a policy that will allow non-residents to get paid to live in the village. The votes will be cast on 30th November and the decision in this direction was made because of the recent exodus of the permanent residents of the village of Albinen, located in the southern part of Switzerland.

1The Reason For The Lucrative Offer

You must be wondering, exactly why is the village offering so much money to live there? Actually many people from the village have been moving out, especially the young families and this has lead to a situation where there are now only 240 people living in this quaint little village in the Canton of Valias. The town has always had only a few hundred people as its resident, the highest never ever exceeding to even 400 since the 1850s.

The only school in the village had to shut down because there were just 7 children in the community and now those children are forced to go the nearby town to get education. It was this scenario that lead to a petition made by locals to the council, so that something could be done to reverse the population plunge.

village in the Canton of Valias

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2What Exactly Is The Offer?

According to the proposed plan of the authorities, anyone who wishes to buy or build a house in the village will be eligible for a grant of 25,000 Swiss francs (almost $25,400) per adult and 10,000 Swiss francs (a little over $10,000) per child. So, this means that if you move as a family of four, you can easily get around $70,000. And obviously if you have more members in the family, then you are worth a lot more in the village of Albinen.

But before you start calculating the amount that you might get upon reaching Albinen, let us also tell you the conditions that go with this offer.

swiss village albinen

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