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15 Surreal Aspects About Our World You Might Not Have Known

By Christopher Paul, 2 June 2018


We are so busy with our work and daily lives that we often never stop to think what we're really doing here. What is our purpose in the universe? Are we alone here? Is there someone or something out there? But the most important question of all is what do we know about our planet? All our curiosity and enthusiasm seem to get lost somewhere when we grow up. But, it's never too late to learn and knowledge in today's world is vast and free. For surreal adventures we turn to movies and TV shows, but did you know you can find some really surreal things right here on our planet? There are some truly remarkable things that happen on our planet, some have been here for ages and some occur randomly. There is an old saying ‘The more we learn, the more we know'. So here are 15 weird and fun facts about our planet.

1 Sarisarinama Sinkholes

This is found in the Bolívar State, Venezuela near the border of Mexico. On the top of the mountain can be found 4 perfectly round sinkholes. The sinkholes are 352 meters wide and 314 meters deep. The sinkholes can only be seen from the sky as the area around it is covered in a lush green forest.

Sarisarinama Sinkholes

Image Source: fdafcc35blhqijuv-zippykid.netdna-ssl.com

2 Exploding Lakes

There are three lakes in Africa that are positioned right over volcanic activity. The volcanic activity happening right under the water is basically magma moving under the lake floor. Sometimes the magma causes a huge amount of carbon dioxide to be released into the lake. This sudden release of carbon dioxide can cause a huge explosion can sometimes push the oxygen away which can cause anyone living organism to suffocate due to lack of oxygen.

Exploding Lakes

Image Source: inhabitat.com

3 Earth was Purple


Yes, the green and blue planet we know and love used to be purple. The green we see on earth comes from the plants here. The plants on earth use chlorophyll for the process of photosynthesis. During this they reflect green light.

Studies and research have shown that early plant life on this planet may have been retinal based. This means that they reflected purple light and not green.

Earth was Purple

Image Source: theleftahead.com

4Weight reduces at the Equator

As humans, we know our own weight, but did you know that your weight is calculated by how much gravity acts upon you, in relation to your mass? And did you know the pull of the earth's gravity is weaker at the equator? That means that your weight measured where you are will be a few kilograms lighter when measured at the equator.

Weight reduces at the Equator

Image Source: qph.fs.quoracdn.net


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