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15 Of The Strangest Sports Around The World You've Never Seen

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 June 2018


6Chess boxing


This sport searches for the smartest and most powerful person as it not only tests the power and stamina of a person but also tests his brain. There are 11 alternating rounds of chess and boxing of three minutes each and the fan base of this sport is limited to India, Germany, UK and Russia.

Chess boxing

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7Cheese rolling


This sporting event is conducted annually in Gloucester, England, and it is known as Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling & Wake. The 9-pound cheese wheel is rolled from the top of the steep hill and the participants run after it. Whoever reaches the bottom of the hill first is the one who wins the cheese. The game seems to be a little easy but many get injured due to the hill’s steepness.

Cheese rolling

Image Source: whistlermuseum.com

8Extreme ironing


This is one of the most absurd sports in which people take clothes and ironing boards to a risky place and iron the clothes. As per the Extreme Ironing Bureau, extreme ironing is a sport which provides the thrill of extreme outdoor activity with the contentment of ironing a shirt.

Extreme ironing

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9Tuna Tossing


It started in Port Lincoln’s small fishing community in South Australia where local fishermen used to toss fish vigorously onto trucks. Later, this became a method of spicing up a local festival. An individual who throws fish weighing 20 pounds the farthest away emerges as the winner. Presently some changes have been introduced in the game and it has become little cleaner as rubber fish is used in place of real fish.

Tuna Tossing

Image Source: outrageoussports.com.au

10Giant pumpkin kayaking


Bored of regular kayaking? Why don’t you try giant pumpkin kayaking? It is at the Lake Pesaquid of Nova Scotia that the most famous giant pumpkin race is conducted annually. The distance covered in this race is almost half a mile and the pumpkins are decorated by participants in a beautiful manner.

Giant pumpkin kayaking

Image Source: armylive.dodlive.mil


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