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Stranded Whale was Crying in Pain. What Happened next will make you Cry, But in Joy!

By Vishnu Sharma, 2 October 2017


One of the ways through which we can get to know that humanity still exists in this world is by watching what humans do to animals who are distressed. In the recent times you must have seen a lot of incidents in which animals were either harmed or worse, even killed by humans. But what we are about to show you today is a heart-warming tale where some people went out of their way to not just rescue an animal but helped it in its survival.

1The Distressing Incident For The Animal


This incident occurred along the remote coast of British Columbia, Canada. It so happened that a pod of killer whales was in search for seals and one of the members lost her way. A young female orca accidentally landed on the outcropping of rocks on the coast and the whale clearly showed some serious signs of being in stress. As the whale was there on some sharp rocks in the sun, she was very much in pain and was letting out cries which were heard by some people around the area.

killer whale stuck on the coast

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2Help Came Next


When some rescuers saw that a whale had lost her way, they started to do everything in their power to comfort her and help her survive the ordeal. George Fisher received a call over radio from a sailboat about the whale and what he did next was certainly what a good human being could do in that situation. He gathered a group of volunteers so that they could help in making the whale feel better. It had been a few hours that the whale was out there lying on the rocks and the skin of the orca was drying up. So, one of the rescuers, Hermann Meuter, who has been a whale researcher quickly thought that the whale should be covered with wet blankets and salt water should be poured on her body. This idea worked!

Rescuing the whale

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