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15 Success Stories of Successful People Who Were Once a Failure

By Bincy Joseph, 28 June 2018


6Walt Disney

Walt Disney, we just mentioned his name as a person who gave a job to Charles Schultz realizing his talent of being a cartoonist. This man was a failure himself once upon a time, but he never believed in quitting. Walt Disney is a big brand name in the animation world but was fired by his editor and was told that he didn’t possess any imaginative skills. She took these words as a challenge and became a name that the world knows and will continue to know in the future as well.

Walt Disney

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7 Emily Dickinson

The author and poetess Emily Dickinson didn’t reach at the top from the very start; she also had to face rejections and mockeries as others to reach the point of success. She was not able to bound her audience by her beautiful poetries in the early days of her career but finally managed to cope all the storms and got her books published to define her success.

Emily Dickinson

Image Source: poetryfoundation.org

8Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein is a name that Science will not forget for years and will continue to be a name in history forever. The man who we remember as a great scientist and a noble prize winner could not even speak at the age of four. But as it is said great men never back off, this is what this great man did and discovered many new theories that made get a title as a “genius.” He didn't get this title as a gift, but due to the exemplary work, he did despite all the failures and struggles.

Albert Einstein

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9Stephen Spielberg

This famous filmmaker was once rejected by the southern California university continuously for three times for a shot in the school of theatre. But he didn’t give up and continued to try and entered into the directing field and was also awarded an honorary degree in the year 1994 for his flawless work.

Stephen Spielberg

Image Source: indianexpress.com

10JK Rowling

JK Rowling, the name is enough to cast magical spells on your mind. Yes, we are talking about the author of the famous book Harry Potter. We very well know that how famous this author is and how she managed to become the first billion-dollar author after all her Harry Potter series. But this renowned author was a divorcee and really struggled as a mother to manage the basic necessities of living.

JK Rowling

Image Source: express.co.uk


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