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10 Signs Of Insecurity Online Proving You May Have FOMO!

By Andrew Alpin, 25 February 2018


Are you obsessed with social media to the point of feeling that you’re missing out on something? Well, the condition is reportedly a new one in psychological circles called FOMO (the fear of missing out). Just like the newly declared psychological condition called selfitis or the obsession with selfies, FOMO is that unpleasant feeling of remaining a mute spectator on the outside looking in.

1FOMO more related to social media engagement

FOMO is widely believed to be related to social media when you feel deprived after seeing other people’s feeds on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook that they could be having a better time and more social interaction than you. This makes you feel left out.

fear of missing out

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2The condition of feeling unpopular    

FOMO may make you feel that you are an unpopular person especially when you aren’t invited to a social event regardless of it being held at work, among co-workers or friends and family, it makes you reflect in a depressing way on your own failures and makes you feel as if you have done something wrong.

It is not a condition that you may have experienced before because why should you actually care if others are having a good time and though you may not be invited to one event; there are others where your presence is welcome.

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3The FOMO scale


FOMO isn’t the observation of someone who randomly expressed the condition. It was studied and coined by psychologists where a FOMO scale was created by psychologist Andrew Przybylski of Essex University way back in 2013. The 10 item scale estimated the extent of FOMO in the population where the condition has gained prominence in social psychology

The FOMO scales measured prevailing conditions where you may not feel much if your best friend went out for diner with someone else, but if she had a birthday party and invited others and you only get to know about it on social media, then you may experience a level of FOMO.

The FOMO scale

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4FOMO goes way back to childhood

FOMO can also be applied in circumstances where you may not understand a joke while others do where the anxiety has its source in your childhood.  When you were at childhood you may have been made to feel left out. Psychologists say that FOMO can torment you with the trauma of an event long after the event has passed especially if you keep thinking why you were left out or why are you an outcast.

FOMO goes way back to childhood

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