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30 Secret Cell Phone Codes You Had No Idea Existed

By Andrew Alpin, 9 December 2017


Mobile technology has advanced rapidly to the point of almost everyone on the planet being dependent on the cellphone. From keeping abreast with business through apps, to entertainment and social media. It is the phone whose platform is used the most. But!  While using our phones for everything, how much do we actually know about the device itself? There are several codes in a phone that only a few people know.  This list of 30 secret cellphone codes can help you perform certain activities or acquire information about your phone faster. These codes may not work on all phones as it depends on the features provided by your service provider.

Secret Cell Phone Codes

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#The Secret codes for an iPhone


#31# “phone number”: This hides your number in all outgoing calls

*#06#: This shows you the IMEI number of your phone in case it is stolen, IMEI numbers are usually noted in an invoice and also o the phone’s original box bit if you should have o success to any, then this is the best way.

your children are using or playing with your phone.

*#43#: This shows call waiting status. To enable call waiting press *43#, to disable #43#

#33*pin#: This turns off the above function

#3370#: Deactivates the above function

*3370#: This turns on EFR coding which improves communication but reduces battery life. It also improves your voice quality I GSM conversations.

*#5005*7672#: Shows the number of a service center for your current provider

Secret codes for an iPhone

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#More iPhone codes


*3001#12345#*: Cellphone signal information in numbers. This is also called the field test mode which can give you live information about your phone. It will show you data about surrounding cell towers in the vicinity. You can also switch from graphic to numerical and vice versa when seeing signal strength. You may see a negative value which is normal as numerical values are negative where -50 is normal but -120 is poor.

*#67#: To check call forwarding. This is your carrier’s voice mail service but it can be changed to a different number such a home number or an office number. On the iPhone, you have to go to settings-Phone-call-forwarding. On Android tap Phone app -hamburger icon -Settings - Call - More Settings - Call forwarding

iPhone codes

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#What is the numeric code secret?


You can’t always get a clear indication of signal in graphic mode. This same signal can be shown in numeric mode. You will have to enter numeric mode by doing this

Enter field mode by tapping *3001#12345#*. Then press and hold power until you see the off slider. Release power and press HOME. You will see your signal in Dba. If you want to leave numeric code, then tap the same code and press HOME which exits.

*#5005*7672# + Call: To see your carrier’s SMS message center number press

numeric code secret

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