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15 Men Who Define Scarlett Johansson’s Whirlwind Romance Diaries

By KK Angus, 27 April 2018


4Black Widow and Captain  America

Her chemistry with Chris Evans has been highly publicised. During the shooting of the Avengers movies these two are inseparable and get along like a house on fire. And yet Scarlett has consistently denied dating Chris Evans. Sources close to her state that though they are very good friends Chris is not her type.

Black Widow and Captain  America

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5Why was she with Sean Penn?

When rumours of an affair between Scarlett and Sean Penn started doing the rounds everybody thought it was bad news. Sean is known to be unstable in the romance department and things did not end well between the two. In fact, Scarlett would reportedly strive for his attention even after they broke up.

Why was she with Sean Penn

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6She divorced Ryan Reynolds


Scarlett was married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds for three years but their relationship wasn't particularly happy. In fact, Scarlett had said that it was hard being married to someone who was so busy and gone all the time. There were also some reports which claimed that their marriage broke up because of his relationship with Blake Lively who is now his wife.

She divorced Ryan Reynolds

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