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15 Routines You Should Do at Night Instead of in the Morning

By Milos Kitanovic, 4 June 2018


When it comes to doing things, mornings may seem like a logical solution. After all, that's when the energy level is at its peak. And while this may be true in some cases, there are some things that you are better off doing at night. With that in mind, here is the list of 15 things you should do at night instead of in the morning.

1Taking evening strolls

Everyone who has ever taken an evening stroll knows how beneficial it can be. Whether we are talking about the physical health or a state of mind, it seems as though a simple walk before bed can wash every worry right off you. On top of that, this routine can also help you cope with insomnia. And if you are having a hard time implementing this idea, you should know that evening strolls are something both Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, enjoy.

Taking evening strolls

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2Doing yoga and meditating

Though yoga and meditation may seem like the typical morning activities, in truth, you are better off practicing them before going to bed. Not only will these activities help you put your thoughts and emotions in order, which is something we all need to sleep better, but they will also help you improve your inner awareness. And to be honest, this is not something that you can reach so easily in the mornings with all the worries floating around in your head.

Doing yoga and meditating

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3Eating some protein


We are very well aware that skipping dinner can be a great way to lose weight, at least that's what people have been told by the many dietitians of the world. But then again if you don't eat, you will have a hard time falling asleep. Don't you worry, though, because there might be a solution to this problem. According to experts, it's actually good to eat some meat, cottage cheese, or just proteins in general. The reason for this is that both of these products contain tryptophan which is, in case you didn't know, the amino acid that helps you sleep better. What you shouldn't do, on the other hand, is eat a large portion of vegetables, as they will make you bloated, your stomach will keep growling while in bed, so you won't be able to sleep as much as you would want.

Eating some protein

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4Writing down things you should do the following day

Do you want to make your mornings as careless as possible? Do you want to make room for some exercise, or a cup of coffee without having to worry about all the things you need to do? Then, you should plan your activities for the day the night before. And this is something that Darren Hardy, the author of "The Compound Effect" strongly recommends. By making these kinds of plans, you allow yourself to be calmer in the morning. Besides, when you got your activities all sorted out in your head and written on a piece of paper, you won't waste any more time worrying about them in the morning.

Writing down things you should do the following day

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5Preparing your outfit

Preparing your outfit goes hand in hand with the previously explained point. Because, whether we are talking about writing down the action plan or preparing your outfit at night, the result is just the same. You will not be spending any more time on the torturous decision making in the morning and, as a result, you will be ready to kickstart your day with some pleasant activities.

Preparing your outfit

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