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10 Effective and Proven Remedies to Stop Fleas from Torturing Your Pet for Good



6Vinegar spray

Vinegar can get rid of fleas and ticks from your furry friends. All you need is to create a solution and spray it gently over the pet’s fur, the corner of the room or the bedding they use. You can also clean the entire house and floor with this solution to finish off the ticks and fleas once and for all.

Take a spray jar with ¼ filled with distilled white vinegar. In the same bottle add ¾ of water. Shake it well and spray gently on the fur. Leave it on the affected skin patches and fur patches for 1-3 hours until the fur is dry. Rinse it off and repeat the ministrations for 2-3 times a week for a shiny and flea free coat.

Vinegar spray

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7Sprinkle salt

Harmless looking kitchen ingredient such as salt is a painful agent for ticks, fleas and insects which bother your furry friends. Salt acts as a dehydrating agent and literally dries the life out of the bugs. Salt alters the ph balance of the fluids which basically is the lifeline for these nasty pests as they carry oxygen and nutrition in their systems. Moreover, humble salt can kill off flea eggs making it a natural pest repellant. The best part is it is safe for your pets too.

Apply a generous amount of salt in the infected skin and fur patches, rubbing it gently but firmly. Do not dust away the salt and let it remain stuck on the wound or the infected area for 2-3 hours before you vacuum up the salt along with the bugs too. Gently wipe it off the skin. You can even treat your pet with a nice salty bath as an alternative. Repeat this exercise daily till the infestation is gone for good.

Sprinkle salt

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8Keep a bowl of soapy water around


Apart from using all the physical repellents as mentioned earlier, you can set traps for these nasty pests so that they die and never come back. It’s surprisingly easy to make a bug ambush using just water, soap and light! Soap contains surfactants which will sink and drown the insects in the water as it lowers the surface tension of the water. Light attracts these fleas towards their shiny death traps, so aluminum pans work the best as they are shiny enough. Just fill a pan with water and add 4 drops of dish soap. Place this in corners of rooms that may harbor fleas. Keep them there daily.

Keep a bowl of soapy water around

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9Use a lamp to attract fleas to your traps

Fleas aren’t smart and are easy to catch. To enhance your flea traps, place a directional lamp on top or beside the soap-water trap that we had prepared earlier. Before you retire to bed at night turn on the lamp and position right on top of the trap, gradually you’ll see that the stupid fleas make a beeline towards the shiny light and fall into their death trap. Keep this contraption in a room where you can shut the doors and keep your kids and pets away while the magic happens overnight.

lamp to attract fleas

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10Abide by a regular cleaning regimen

The most important element involved in keeping your pets safe is to maintain a strict cleaning regimen and hygienic living conditions. Fleas have a tendency of multiplying at an alarming rate and any slack in cleaning, even for a day or 2 can create a full-blown flea infestation in the house. It’s always advisable that you keep your living quarters and pet’s area squeaky clean. The logic is simple if you can see one flea flying about be sure there are multitudes of them hiding in the corners where the sun doesn’t shine.

Vacuum the house and every nook and corner thoroughly and especially under the sofa, couch, bed, refrigerators, and cupboards. Spray strong insecticides where you know your pets can’t crawl under at all. Maw your lawn regularly as they are breeding grounds for insects. Wash the pet’s beddings, sheets, and clothes thoroughly and sun them dry to disinfect them at least twice a week.

Abide by a regular cleaning regimen

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