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10 Effective and Proven Remedies to Stop Fleas from Torturing Your Pet for Good



Fleas are a nightmare for your furry pals and you their owner as well. There are 2000 different types of fleas which can wreak havoc on your pet. In case of a full-fledged infestation, a flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. These parasites feed on your poor pets and spread various bacterial infections too. Fleas can be very irritating for pets. The problem becomes a larger one when your pets resort to biting themselves violently when the incessant itching starts. But nature itself has provided us with remedies which can help us get rid of these nasty pests. Use these 10 natural remedies on your furry pals and relieve them from infestation they are tolerating speechlessly.

1The rosemary flea dip

Rosemary not only heals flea bites but also makes it unpleasant for future infestations too. It has an active ingredient which is great for your pet but really bad for the pests. This is how you can prepare a rosemary dip.

The rosemary flea dip

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Rosemary dip preparation

Start by boiling 2 cups of rosemary leaves in a pan of water for 30 minutes. Now just strain the liquid and remove the leaves. Add this concoction to 4.5 liters of warm water. Now very carefully pour this mixture on your pet and rub on all the affected areas and do not rinse it away.

Rosemary dip preparation

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2Use a good flea comb


A flea comb is a specially made comb with very fine laced teeth that traps the fleas, dirt, and eggs or ticks from the thick recesses of your pet’s fur. Make sure your pet's fur is completely dry before combing with this comb.

Use a good flea comb

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How to use the flea comb for best results

First, prepare a hot water bucket and mix it with any dog soap for the purpose of rinsing the flea comb after every swipe. The bucket should be half full so that the flea does not jump or crawl out. Now place newspapers underneath your pooch and the bucket in case you see any flea trying to escape and you can immediately catch it and dunk it in the bucket. Start combing from the head, slowly working your way to the neck, shoulders towards the back and tail of your pet.


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Always comb in the direction of the fur growth

Remember to always keep the strokes in the direction of the fur growth. Rinse the comb in the soapy water when you see it’s getting dark and full. Concentrate more on the back, sides and the belly of your pet. Finish off with a proper combing of legs, tail, and paws. You can double do the chin, tail and belly area as these are always the worst affected. Always try to use the flea comb outside the house but in case you are indoors than vacuum the area thoroughly after removing everything.


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